What to do when your PvP server has two 10-man clans on it?

I’m just a little salty here, after reaching level 60 I realised my server has 2 max-sized clans on it with seemingly unlimited free time.

I don’t want to start over from level 1 on a new server, but damn, I wish I had checked the roster before starting on this crappy server :frowning:

find an as descreet area as possible, build up and mainly worry only about your religious thing, and pop an avatar as close to the base of which ever one you want may wanna hire a friend to help you stay safe lol

Talk to them. You’re in a good position to choose your favored ally.


Become a sneaky, slimy, charming arms-dealer. Create your own mini army of mercenary/thralls. Sell them your man-power and weapons. Always stay neutral and keep your relationship with both of them. Steal, bribe, beg, do whatever you have to do to get them into your palm. Then make them fight with each other, sit and watch, laugh as they kill each other with your weapons and slaves. TAKE WHATEVER THEY HAVE and GIVE THEM NOTHING…!!!


THIS IS SPARTA… oh sry, CONAN! not Game of Thrones!

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PVP survival games defiinitely favor those that have unlimited free time, which is why I would never play on an open public pvp game lol as I have very limited free ttime.

As I said in another post, the PvP servers will always favor the 24/7 players and those servers will be dominated by 10 players clans and die with 2-3 clans. If you want to have fun and still fight other players, you need to play in the PvE-C servers, completely underrated by Funcom, but the future of this game.

Interact with other people outside those clans. Make alliances. Be discreet.

This is conan. Im not in a 10 man clan myself but i’ve fought them before.

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