What does the future of this game hold for official PVP?

what happens when every server is just dominated by one clan and its just them vs newcomers? Since they are all isolated and what not

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HAppens that they keep raiding and harrassing new players till two things happen, new clans leave the servers, and players get annoyed and uninstall the game.

Solution ? I have no idea …


Well if you know what you’re doing, you can secretly farm yourself a god to summon on your foes, if they weren’t bugged damage-wise, of course.

I was going to suggest that they could open up server transfers like in Ark to promote more cross-server raiding, but then that would probably be too difficult to implement, since it’s nowhere near perfect on Ark still after all of these years with characters going missing and bloated customer support tickets.

which servers have transfers? I wasn’t aware that even existed

I guess this just isn’t a long-term game :frowning:

official PVP servers will be pretty darn dead in less than a month since they will be PVE servers. I guess not every game can have good longevity, but it was fun for a while.

“What happens” probably means you never seen one.
A clan got 10 ppl max.
Without speed hack or mounts it’s impossible for one clan to dominate the server, unless they do 24-7 searching game, which would be very boring

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actually before long we’ll have the entire map covered with map rooms, so its not that hard.

How do you imagine the dominance of one clan in the current game mechanics?

I’m curious, on the Official PVP servers, max clan cap is 10 players with the server cap at 40. How does one clan dominate a single server when at most 10 of a single clan can be on against the 30 others?

If they roll around together, then cool. The others can band to counter that, or whatever. If they don’t and just keep getting smashed as individuals, then that’s their fault.

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