Pvp servers dying on ps4?


Conan exiles ps4 pvp servers started out on release at 5 players over max pop. Thats amazing! However now we are down to an average of anywhere from 5- 20 players with no new players coming in. Pvping on pvp servers has literally killed these servers. We are forced if we want to pvp experience to practically run people out of the server once the fight gets going. That means we force the population lower till only the strongest remain. Then what do those people do? They kill any and every new player that they find because the ones that stay are normally just single tribe of friends. The slaying of lower level players is killing the pvp aspect of this game because no one wants to go to pvp they would rather goto pve conflict where they can get a safe bit of pve during a small bit of the day where they can only kill other players. This game desperately needs the ability to cross server raid so that pvp servers can thrive and not choke on their own blood. Making it to where people can invade and raid on other servers promotes tribe coordination and makes servers work to repel invaders both of these are good things in the long run as they truly allow for a full pvp experience without the fear of a server fully dying. Yeah you might lose a few casuals who get pissed and run off to pve which would make pve thrive as well.


So you claim that PvPing forces you to drive people away. Then once top dog, people kill any new blood so PvP population stays low.

Yet your solution is then allow this same group of people to do the same thing on other servers by cross server raiding in the hopes this will fix the problem?


To see players stand near the newbie river and shot to everything appears is not a good sight.
players shoud be able to kill players only in their level range and low level players (and their buildings) should be untouchable.


I am not saying that i am doing this i am saying that is exactly what is happening. If you allow cross server raiding it promotes tribes working together on their home server. Making pvp more stable. As it currently sits whoever becomes top dog starts killing anything and everything that moves.

And guess what happens when you let that top dog raid across other servers… They don’t pick the hard target to raid. They don’t go after the other top dog. Instead they go for the easy wins, the quick raids, and still prey on the weaker players, driving them away still. This won’t help the game or PvP. It just gives the top dogs more lesser targets to fun and feed their egos.


Let us not forget the famous lesson of Fansy.


If you add a mechanic, be wary of the unique ways people will use it to grief.


PVE doesn’t need this, they have the purge, besides The top dogs will get bored an leave in a month, then there will be room for new players, problem solved :wink:


Except that doesn’t always happen dude. I know two servers where the top dog are still wiping anyone and everyone that show up. Also i am not saying giving them unlimited time for raiding on other servers. Only between the normal raiding time hours meaning one the time runs out everyone is forceably yanked back to their home servers.

WOW, theres your answer right there cross server PVP ver. PVP, Top dog against top dog great answer to the problem :smile: :thinking::crazy_face:or they could just do a server wipe on PVP , and everybody start out fresh :scream:

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Cross server pvp = yes!! Make it a alternate dimension portal or whatever to keep the theme of the game.

However, do you think the reduced player count is in part due a) we are leaving the post launch honeymoon period and b) the bumpy launch has lead some players to down tools and wait till later before coming back?


No playing like a moron is killing the servers. If you want to PvP don’t go into the Noob area and squash the lower levels just because you can, that is not PvP.

Running people off a server is not PvP either it is bullying why not fight with a little honour Put down a Bedroll first so they can see it and ensure they do likewise before fighting and do not take their stuff if you kill them, hopefully they will return the favour as it can be very hard to communicate in a game where they have not added any means of communicating.


This is not a problem on Official PvP 3079 EU - PS4. Low population during early mornings, and steadily raises to 30~ until after 23 AM. (GMT+1)
No griefers as I am aware of. Low levels are left alone and all clans seem to have their own rules and laws. Its pretty cool.
Edit: platform

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It Has come to my attention as of late that fun com has replied to a post about their game dying and someone saying that cross sever would save it. Apparently their response was along the lines of they are looking into adding this feature.

I called it over a month ago, without cross sever the game will die out quick. Too many kids are so scared to death of that idea and they claim it killed Ark, well they are wrong, cross server wars is the only thing keeping Ark going strong even though they have by far, the worst developers in the history of developing.

You can see right now, clear as day, the game is dead. 5-10 people on this gigantic map during prime time PVP hours.

The reason why cross server is so important is that without any outside threats, without that fear of some bigger tribe coming to get you, there is no reason to keep playing. The game isn’t exciting at all anymore with hardly anybody on each server. If you like PVE than PVP official servers are the way to go right now, but I don’t like PVE.

They really messed up not going with cross server transfers. The game is a wrap honestly unless they have some really good ideas to bring life back in the game, but right now, it’s done, its over. Was fun for a while, but this is the life cycle of the game.

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Well like i said it has come to my attention that the devs are going to attempt to add cross server raiding. Infact my entire server is prepping for that eventuality. As there is no reason for them to fail in this attempt so i am greatly looking forward to this addition. This along with the taming system and magic will will bring much needed life into the game.

Link your source?

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Our server basically died after one clan came out on top. But we have a plan…

How would cross server raiding work?

Merging servers and bases is not really an option in my opinion. Peoples bases disappear from patches or inexplicably sometimes. What would happen if two servers merged and there was a base built on the same spot?

A global instanced arena/duel battleground would be interesting and would probably be easier to implement than cross server raiding.

You’d need a portal between the worlds.

I don’t see it possible. When you connect to the server you play on you are connecting to a specific IP on the internet.


They are completely different universes so to speak. Other games can have you walk through a portal to reach a different zone because you’re still playing on the same gameserver (Everquest, WoW, etc.) or a cluster of the same thing.

This game is not built that way, your character is only saved on the server you connect to.

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