Is there any happy medium PVP mode?

so all i see is 24/7 PVP, with full building destruction during certain hours which leads to offline raiding whenever a clan sees an opportunity where nobody in your clan on they basically delete you from the server with months of stockpiled explosives so you get this sandstone garbage building everywhere in the south and a bunch of gutted T3 bases where the clans quit after being offline raided you either have to play this game as a job and poopsock it, or you’re going to get screwed over whenever you’re offline… and full PVE carebear mode where people just build sandstone garbage everywhere and never bother to upgrade it and they have crafting stations and containers just sitting in the open because nobody can damage their buildings ever, and nobody can even take from their stuff that’s just left in the open… and this is even on PVE-C servers.

What I’m looking for is a ruleset where there isn’t offline raiding, but if people don’t do common sense things like cover their buildings completely or have their stuff all behind locked doors they can be stolen from. Is dead private servers with custom rulesets the only option? I’d like for there not to be sandstone urban sprawl all over the river, but the toxicity of full time PVP servers is just as bad.

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No ruleset (as in game mechanics) available can prevent that. Hell, even the Purge NPCs offline raid you.

So your best and probably only chance is finding a private server that prohibits offline raiding and enforces it (ie, bans offenders). I don’t know if such a server exists.

I would love an official server where t2 buildings have 2x the hp they currently have. t3 has 4x and crafting stations have 4x the hp. I dont mind the idea of how pvp works and raiding but what happens is constant base deletion. If Instead you just got half your chests or some of your chests robbed and then had doors or walls to patch up it would be so much more fun.

Yeah that’s also an issue, when people raid they don’t just take some stuff from chests, snag some thralls and leave, they intend to leave you with no reason to continue playing on the server since they destroy everything so that you’re starting from scratch again. I don’t know how these players consider it to be fun while their server is dead but they use that time to stockpile explosives for the next hapless player/clan to join their server I guess. All the official PVP servers all have established alpha clans that delete anyone else trying to play on them or doing jerk moves like blocking obelisks and recipes, and unofficial PVP servers are just a zerg rush with frequent wipes. Seems like the only thing to do is start your own server, but then that’s so dead you might as well just make a single player game and invite your friends into it.


I just checked. There’s currently ~9000 active servers for Conan Exiles, and ~3000 active players. So three servers for every player. I realize there’s such a thing as peak time, and most of these servers are up regardless, but still. Those numbers are crazy.


yeah, even in primetime on the weekends there’s so many 0/x servers up, a friend of mine was running a private server for awhile and the 4 of us that were on made us one of the busiest private servers… it’s just really pointless. Whole game seems to be dead. Even among the official servers most of them don’t reach double digit players at peak times. I have to wonder if some rule tweaks could help the game more. I think offline raiding turns a lot of people off. Funny thing is that the first AAA game in this genre will be Fallout 76 and they’re specifically not having offline raiding.

I don’t agree with that, but then I picked an official server for many reasons, one of which being it had a higher chance of actually having players on it.

I think a serious part of the problem has been the mindset that any kind of disagreement with how official servers are set up should be solved by “go make your own server, then!”. That mindset is still here, to some degree. It may have made sense when there were fewer servers and more players, but these days it’d be better to try and find some compromises so more people would be willing to play on the same servers. Out of hand rejecting discussions is not the way to do that. But, I guess I’m getting a bit off-topic from the OP now so I’ll stop my soapboxing.


The truth is on Official PVP when you build in the open, a certain class of people will be attracted to you. Often you can ask the raider in chat. If it was a clan I’ll ask in a neutral way: “Was it trespass, offense or some other rule I violated?” Nine times out of 10 they say “nah I just like to blow @$%# up.”

Hide your best bases, break up your workshops into buildings resembling slave huts. Build big, offensive targets (I like to build penis-shaped towers when Alphas are teh swagger) to draw their fire and see if you can make a deal. Often times they feel bad afterward, and make it up to you in private. It can get weird.

TBH if I had a close friend joining up, I’d tell him to seek a whitelisting server. We can whitelist players now, so you can have an Open server with approved players. I’m not saying you won’t end up with a war eventually, but if you find a server like this it’s often got a curated community with a ruleset. A morality. Honestly, officials used to be like this, but there were more of us pushing back in those days. Seek a reputable Private, and one that offers a moderated copy of the .db when/if you leave.


problem with privates is that they wipe so frequently that there’s no point in building anything neat. Yeah they speed all the xp and gathering up but when it comes down to it anything you build is wiped in 3 weeks.

That hasn’t been my experience with a few of the servers I’ve seen/been invited to recently. In fact, two of them have DBs that pre-date The Frozen North. They advertised same “experience” as Officials: 2X Gather, otherwise 1X Vanilla. Some had target lock off, decay 13 days, avatar times, etc… It took me about two weeks to find the servers, watch them for player numbers, then get into the queue for whitelisting. Can be laborious.

I do take your point, I’ve seen Privates operate in several negative ways.


Are you on a PS4? If so i have a server that i run thats been open about a week or so and only Raiding done is on weekends due to everyone not spending there life on the game. Its fun and entertaining and i monitor that all rules are followed. send me a message for more info.

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depends on the server my guy mine is paid up for 6 months and havent had any problems with resetting the server or making people start over. I own 2 servers and both are running with plenty of players. one has been open a week and the other one has been open over 4months with a player base of atleast 30+ ppl on at all times.


This sounds Nice! I never use the target lock anyway. It seems counterintuitive for action combat.


Yes, that and controller-based movement for people with keyboards and mouse. But that one is more an honor system thing. Personally I want something on the East Coast so friends from Europe might join too. It’s like an interview process lol.

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How did you get those numbers?

Refering to Steamcharts its

Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
Last 30 Days 6,775.2 -2,975.1 -30.51% 13,839
July 2018 9,750.3 -3,251.1 -25.01% 18,273
June 2018 13,001.4 -8,555.4 -39.69% 30,233
May 2018 21,556.8 +17,903.7 +490.10% 49,230

Losing rapidly since release in May though, but thats normal i guess.

Nope, PC

You’ll notice I did caveat that they were not peak player numbers though :slight_smile:

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Ak, okay then there are no Singeplayer included.

True, but they’re not terribly relevant when discussing number of players vs available servers anyhow :slight_smile:

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The server I play/admin on is a private server that until recently prohibited offline raiding. It is a PVE-C server and the biggest issue we ran into was having too many players who were actually just looking for a PVE server and so would avoid coming online during pvp/raiding hours to ensure they could never be attacked. We recently changed the offline raiding rule and allow it but limited the raiding time to a few hours a day. We also change the raid times every week to ensure people have a fair chance at raiding or defending their bases. That of course brings a new set of issues but we highly discourage base wipes ( I have put over 700 hours into the server so I have a few tricks I can use to help people get revenge) and we also have strict rules against picking on newer players and such. Finding a good balance is difficult and takes considerable time and effort from the server admins. The big offset that has helped keep things stable for us is that we have an arena and host pvp events where we give away pvp oriented rewards and allow people to do some pvp in a neutral location.

That being said, we haven’t had issues of full wipes (with the exception of clans/players who have obviously left the server) or any issues with people being picked on. The key is to find a server that promotes the kind of community you want to play with.

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