Ps4 US official pvp server 3542 is in need of more players

We at one time had a pretty toxic server with a clan that was killing the fun for most players. This guy and his clan raided just about everyone and would often “foundation wipe” just because a clan would join or merge with him. Thankfully, we finally ran him off but not before he ran most people on the server off.

We are looking for more pvp players to join the server(not my clan). We have two larger clans that have agreed to keep toxic players in check ad best we can so that we can have a fun and positive pvp experience.

We plan to build a pvp arena for gladiator style fighting where you can challenge other players, make bets to keep armor, weapons, gold, etc… We also started a discord server to help communicate a little more as a server. Most of our players are US EST I believe.

This sounds oddly similar to what has been happening over on our server (3879) for the past week, except it was the clan that wanted to build the gladiator arena and transform the official server into an RP server that drove away the remaining players. They recently took over as alpha and all hell has broken loose. Most of the regular player base has either left the server or quit the game altogether.

They’ve been decimating small clans who wouldn’t join them, especially those who wanted to be left alone. I’ve witnessed 3 clans nearly get wiped out in the past 2 days without provocation. I almost don’t want to go back to that server because I am also in a small clan and fear that I might be next, but I have already leveled my character so much that I don’t want all that time to have been wasted. And from what I have heard from the players that are too afraid to disagree with them is that the leader is planning to create a server-wide alliance to begin server hopping and clan-wipe on different servers.