Gods an bubbles on testlive

So the so called god balance has made bubbles expensive to even maintain especially for the small clans, most the ratios are 1-1 for zeal now right? I dont rely on a bubble but alot of small clans do to keep the big ones at bay or make them work to get inside, an no base is unraidable just because of a bubble.

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Will have to see how this plays out on live. If maintaining a bubble is more work than godding a base, then maybe bring the needed zeal down a notch. 250? Or as i have suggested before, make the regular priest and high priest usable for bubbles, but at tiered costs.

T1 Priest — 750 zeal for bubble, no god token
T2 Priest — 500 Zeal for bubble, no god token
T3 Priest — 350 Zeal for bubble, 500 Zeal for God Token
Named Preist — 250 Zeal for bubble, 500 Zeal for God Token

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worse it is “It now takes 30 minutes to summon a protective shield from an altar”

the Enemy gilde have many avatar token in the Icebox and iam need 30min for a Bubble…
No one player or guild can and would like to keep the bubble 24/7 alive, that’s too much work :unamused:

This is really coming with new update ?

so stands in the Pach notes (30.01.2019) under Balance Updates

no…just a wish list because of the changes that are coming with zeal harvesting and God strengths.

funcom is doing a error in balancing game, a zeal ratio 1 : 1, will not allow to solo play to activate a bubble every 36 hours. creation of zeal is not only needed for gods attack but also for god protection. the way it was working was fine, only set creation of zeal was too great, all others altars were fine, apart yog who had 1:1

it is good to make gods stronger, at least it will give ability to take care of glitched structure or undermesh (as i still doubt it will be patched), but this is an error to do a 1:1 zeal ratio for creation of god bubble, a major error…

and who comes with the idea of modifiyng the time to create the bubble and put it to 30mn ? one of the very interesting gameplay was the ability when a god was summoned near you to activate a god bubble instantly (if the altar was already filled) to kill the invocation of gods…

seriously, are we still in early stage ???, after two years why modifying the instant creation of god bubble ? …


they should hire you to balance well the gameplay of the game, as apparently they take the worst decision possible for gods bubble and creation of gods

well live is for testing, i hope they will revise it before patching it live.

Thanks. Spent alot of time godding and defending against gods.
They should look at the uses of both.

God Bubble–inner bubble protects against most anything, but 25 radius really only protects a small area. Outer bubble can be penetrated by trebs, and gods can do enough damage in half the time so only there is a speed bump. Both clans still have a "dog: in the war so to speak.

Gods-(Jhebal mainly right now) Can wipe an unbubbled base pretty quickly, and pretty much push someone off a server if applied correctly.

That is why I suggest making the lower tiers usable for the domes, and using an T3 or named should reduce bubble cost by half. Maybe make it so the Priest has to remain on the Altar if while the bubble is summoned. That would be an acceptable trade off.

The hour vs the 30 minutes is kinda moot. Unless they changed it, i can create an Token and store it in a fridge indefinately, so i can farm and pre-make multiple before raid time. The person doing the bubble can only have the mats ready. The 30 minutes to craft won’t start until they craft it, ant then the 36 hour count down starts.

I agree. It limits smaller clans in general, as harvesting zeal is still rather easy if you are a clan of 10. you can farm multiple spots, plus store in fridge indefinitely any excess while farming.

I still think one should need a boss head/one of the artifacts to actually craft a token.

Just an example of what each would need for the token.

scourgestone Jhebal
Witch Queen Mask Derketo
Star of the Champion Mitra
Diadem of the Giant Kings Set
Shining Trapezohedron Yog
Tears of Two Races Ymr

i sincerly hope they will read what you suggest, as an heavy user of gods, and Bubble protection (since the launch of this game) i can certify that your suggestion will bring a far more balanced gameplay and make this game better. i m really upset by the direction funcom choosed actually.

I also converted to God and Bubbles (gotta be a sitcom in there somewhere :slight_smile: ). I employ a lot of the easier raid and siege (if you want to call it that) to survive. But i would love for it to challenge me and my team a little more. So if they change things to being in more melee and battle at the gates type things, then i will always support it. My hope is enough people have suggestions from there experiences that get followed as well.

I’m happy to give these changes a go.

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