No god bubble = terrible idea

Not being able to have some sort of protwction from explosive+poison arrow spam is not going to be fun for base defense on pvp servers. If a clan of 10 or more show up to youre base with thousands of arrows theres not going to be anyway to defend youre base. The bubble should remain, just give it a ton of hp that arrow spammers need to spend their arrows yo break through first before just being able to start dawging a base right away.
Without a bubble this makes so many base locations obsolete. Some locations are certainly OP with bubbles active which is why bubble hp could work or some alternative but arrow spam is going to be really terrible now unless the economy for crafting these arrows is heavily increased.
Puffball mushrooms are ridiculously easy to obtain and dragonpwder isnt all that hard to craft.
Plus you get 10 arrows per dragon powder so if you have 1k dp to convert to arrows thats 10k exp arrows. That will melt any base.
Im not sure why the devs hate pvpers ao much but this is just a really out of touch change.
Ooooh gods will last 10x longer but do 10x less dmg…irrelivant…it takes 20ish explosive arrows to kill a god… wtf is the point???
Unreal…i was actually enjoyimg the pvp this update now that goomba stompimg is gone but making pvp bases basically worthless makes me not want to invest any more time.


Also i forgot to memtion 10 minute trebs…holy molly. Base defense will be nigh impossible now

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i just can second this feedback, knowing what happens on pvp server, what we have to deal with (which is not normal player using not normal gameplay, and believe me they have no problem with any bubble), how the game balance is broken to produce bomb and arrows and knowing what can do just 1000 arrows, or 200 bombs, this is a terrible idea.

also what is the point to re invent the wheel each time ? and not focus only on stuffs that are not working ? or to create a good balance ?

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Religions are slowly wiped. First the necessity, then the buffs, then the beams, now the bubbles… They do understand the damage they did in this game and they slowly remove them… Pity :confused:.


Agreed. Still no fixes for sky bases either. Dev priorities are just wild to me.

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I’m not against the trebuchet buffs… Although like the stamina changes, they probably went too far, they got no idea of nuance :man_facepalming:
The thing is, where is the damn bomb nerf?


While I’m not against the removal of the bubble I do agree it’s going to make it so hard for smaller clans to defend … but then again it’s so easy too farm on the game now if you play right you should be able to quickly rebuild

Yes bombs should be nurfed too. Seemingly now you can buy them from the purge system too :woman_facepalming:

Unless this is a prelude to a religion overhaul (as others have suggested for future developments). The next “Age” might just well be something like the “Age of Divine Delights” (giving a whole revamp to religion, foods, and everything associated with them).


funcom = terrible ideas. You forgot to mention how easy it will be to farm gods now. After all, you can just summon a lot of very weak NPCs directly to your base through the new purge mechanics.


Betcha they did this because they can’t reconcile why bubbles are permanent on privates lmao


Thats an imteresting thought honestly. A rework could be in the pipeline but to remove the bubble mechanic this early before they do something like an overhaul is an odd decision. Im not against an overhaul butthey shoulda saved this decision for when that happens.

Yea ive never really been a fan of perma bubbles as they make certain base spots incredibly tough to raid effectively, especially pre sorcery. I think they should jist give bubbles like 300-500k hp to pop.
Should take like 2k exp/poison arrows before attackers can start hammering the actual base.
Perma bubbles make ceiling bases really OP in spots like gutter which already takes considerable investment to get into so im definitely fine with some change but complete removal is bonkers.

I can get on board with this. Removal is so awful lol


Trebuchet buffs are good, as long as they are going to nerf the explosives in the future.

This has been like my most wanted feature for pvp. Spamming explosives just makes any raids lame and defense impossible. So far devs have been picking up my suggestions so Im excited we might get there one day!

(Also fix skybases obviously, and other exploits, but that goes without saying)


Actually i think its a good thing. Larger clans cant hide behind forever bubbles while assaultijg smaller clans.


I’ve actually been taking my first Conan break in a long, long time playing other games that don’t require 6 hours a day of my life to survive, but getting rid of God Protection Bubbles is one of the worst ideas I’ve ever heard. This was the last protection that clans that play the game legit had to defend against clans that have Skybases or build Undermesh. I don’t always have time to snoop around gridsquares looking for skybases, and i have yet to find a way into the undermesh spot at the Wolf cave. Zendesk bans you for having big bases yet shows no urgency in banning or wiping clans or bases that are blatantly cheating. Its a shame this is what the game got to.


and i confirm that i share the same experience than you sadly, funcom, you realize how many customers you loose in not managing that ?


you should read more often feedback of people here, and you should try the wonderfull experience to try to play legit on an official pvp server to see exactly 15 people have quit the game on last server i was infested by bug base reported and not treated by zendesk.

and it is not very fun to see a server go to 0 players


I do, daily, and I have many times