Stop people building horizontal elevators over walls

stop people building horizontal elevators over walls both in pvp and pve, very annoying and makes the idea of walls at all literally pointless. either make them shorter reaching or not possible to have the string strech over enemy/other foundations. it’s dumb.

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Lol absurd idea learn how to defend your territory

if one can’t build inside the claimed land then why one can build OVER the claimed land?

Creative, but definitely an exploit of the elevator coding. I wish the placement of both ends of the horizontal elevator was redesigned so it can work on slight elevation differences. I imagine that would be a coding nightmare but for building them the in abstract bases it could make for some neat designs rather than focusing on exact line ups.

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Perhaps a strictly-diagonal placement could be achieved? 1x1 or 2x2 or 3x3 away from the elevator start, but never 1x2 or 1x3. Would essentially function the same but now it’s at an angle. I don’t know enough to say for sure but I have to imagine that would be easier than a slanted elevator that allows for more variables.

TBH, you should be able to just build a ladder to get over a wall during raid hours.
Caveat being you can be easily killed if hit while climbing said ladder or if its pushed over.

Careful now, this thread will very quickly turn into /r/trebuchetmemes if we don’t restrain ourselves!

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My biggest pet p with the game though is how people like to cheese up raid defense with minecraft like mechanics. Whole other topic but raiding and sieging needs to be redone.

Uhm… NO! Dont stop them. Plain walls can be built over by using elevators; and walls because of having walls somewhere in the wilderness have no reason to exist in the first place.

Elevators cannot land in else peoples land - or rather they are supposed to behave that way.
So unless the elevators you talk about are behaving in another way, there is no reason to “fix” this.

Walls are griefers nr 1 tool. At least it seems like that to me.

I would think in theory that the only way this can be achieved is if there’s an adequate spot to build the far end of the elevator on that somehow isn’t claimed itself. So could this not be overcome simply by putting enough foundations to block them from building a landing spot BEHIND the wall?

Yes, but then again, what need is there to build a wall someone blocking off a road? Thats just being a dick on multiplayer.
On pvp, people will eighter get around it using any method and on pve it’s outright griefing to block roads. Maybe I’m wrong.

I’m not arguing against letting griefers prevent you from traversing past a barrier they put up :stuck_out_tongue: more presenting an argument as to people using elevators to get past a wall into someone’s base. Just… land claim it. And certainly true, people could use a similar tactic in effort to grief… but the question I’ve got to ask is… how the hell they got over the wall to build an elevator to begin with. If it can be gotten over, why bother with the elevator?

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Horizontal elevators are tooooo long to claim so much land - 32 foundations long.

Oh I know, I’ve built them before, but what’s the claim radius in question? You shouldn’t need to blanket the area. Just a foundation in key spots.

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