Grappling Hook/Rope

I know this was an idea in the past but they did not really give a good explanation on its use.

The main function or really the only function you would need this for is building. Building on a high place is a pain if you want to run foundations down especially.

Sure you could use an elevator but those are a drag and you can’t stop them in one place. Also on a slope, you can’t use an elevator where if you had a grappling hook with rope, you could go down and build.

I just think it would be neat to have one for building in general because you can’t climb and build at the same time which makes sense.


Doesn’t seem like something they could put into place. And it’d likely just get abused badly by PvP Raiders.

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I’m just trying to suggest an easier way to build from high places without wasting more resources and time. As for PVP raiders, I’m not sure how they could abuse it unless it’s like Ark style which is not what I was implying.

I was thinking maybe you just place it down and climb down but able to go down at an angle on slopes for building purposes primarily or just going straight down or straight up depending on where you place it.

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