Grappling hook for better game play

It’ll be nice to have a grappling hook and rope, for climbing etc. It’ll help out a lot, for the player and clan

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But you can already climb?

Yeah, how is this going to be different from just putting on a pair of climbing gloves and scaling a wall?

Attach it to a cliff and use it as some kind of “mobile elevator” to reach lower areas, maybe?


I really don’t get the point of this suggestion. You can already climb, even on extremely smooth surfaces, like a Gecko. Up and down, even overhangs aren’t a problem. Perhaps you would like to explain your thoughts a little more?

I have suggested a grappling hook, but for raid mechanics. Something with a very low durability, and expensive to make. It would last in the neighbor hood of 2 full climbs up it, or 5 minutes, and not retrievable once attached. But using one for environment climbing, not so much. I feel like part of the fun is finding that rock climbing line to an area that looks out of reach.

I feel we’re in a good place without grappling hooks but could use more refinement of the climbing system. Such as, Sprint climb, side leaps while climbing and the ability to jump backwards away from the wall to reach other sections.

Additionally climbing melee with a grip meter similar to thrall capturing. This way we could punch up/left/right and kick below to knock people off.


I agree that we need something. This game lacks a proper raiding meta. Raiding bubble bases is actually only possible with unintended workarounds. We have no tool that you could legitimately play against such bases.

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