Climbing Adjustments

I know we can climb everwhere.
What if we limited that to requiring climbing hooks!

(Maybe for cosmetic RP?)

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Boots, gloves, hooks and the like. Agreed.

The so called mountaineering “guru” up in the tallest mountain didn’t really grasp the marketing part of how to approach their customers. :joy:

Requirement to what extent?

Me too. What I’m saying is that I’d like equipment to help me get to the highest heights. Otherwise there’s no point to have gear. :joy:

It’s also boring to get everywhere without a decent challenge. :laughing:

Maybe a “Rope and Anchor” that you slam innto the mounntain so if you are wearing super heavy gear you can stop and rest to regain your stamina. But it takes like 10 seconds to slam the hook into the mountain.


I can understand that. Cosmetic wise would definitely be the way to go, if at all.

Exactly what I was thinking about. This is the type of approach to gear I’ve been waiting to experience. Gear designed to help us explore the world around us, not just boost a mere number game. :heart_eyes:

If you could fire a bow as you hang from the rope in 1 spot that would be even better :smiley:


That’s a cheese. But understandable haha!

Do you know how hard it is to hit a player with a bow in this game? (pretty damn hard) :slight_smile:

At least for ps4 maybe not for PC

But I guess it would be hard to turn your back to the mountain once yoru roped so I take my idea back.

I would be more concerned about people abusing it on PvE bosses. >_<

But i do love your idea!

Ya thats true. But then again PvE is already easy just build foundation blocks and let the enemy onto it and then delete the stairs. They get stuck there every time. And a lot of bosses go into roam mode if you stay up high and shoot arrows at them too long.

I don’t think I have engaged any bosses, but if this is true, their behaviour patterns need to be updated.

Only works on some World Bosses you cant build in the Undead City or in any Dungeons or the Volcano.

World bosses as in? You mean the big bullet sponges with three skulls below their health bars?

I have heard of people blocking the wall of Skelos though.

Back on topic. I want my guy to look cool while i climb the ice walls.
(They probably want us to take the paths up instead?)

Climbing boots and gloves are already in the game

I know. They are quite useless, based on what I’ve heard of them. :joy:

Don’t make your opinion on what you hear but on what you try. Because if you did try the climbing boots and gloves you’ll have realised they reduce the stamina spent while climbing a lot. It’s possible to climb anything without making stop to regain stamina and still have around % stamina left.
Ti get the climbing boots and gloves there’s a video on YouTube that shows a way with spots to regain stamina so you don’t fall. It’s still a tough climb and you better do it unencumbered. I suggest putting everything you wear and carry and in your inventory in a box or chest alongside your bedroll where you start the climbing. So if you fall and die you respawn at the right place to start again, and you don’t need to get to your body to retrieve your gear. And once you got the mountainer feat you can just basejump to get down. Since you’re likely to fall while attempting to climb down, it’ll be quicker.


I did try it in my mind and the conclusion is trivial. If I can climb to the highest peak in the game, on top of which I am bestowed the boots and the gloves (the only place I get them from), why bother to utilise them if they only help me get on top of that same specific peak, but with more stamina left when I land? I already got to the peak. I did it without the gear. Hence the gear equals useless. The guru up there was too late in giving me gear I would have used to get up there in the first place and even then I would have questioned their necessity. I would understand if they had real concrete impact, but there’s none to have. It merely reduces fatigue up to a nonexistent benefit.

I merely base this conclusion on the stamina bonus so there may be more to it than that, but if this is all there is… :vulcan_salute:t2: