Fix climbing and make climbing gear climb over spikes

like it says on the tin to stop time and effort bias against high bases with anti climb

Spikes are meant to be an anti-climb structure. Try using raid tools such as: catapults, bombs, and demon fire to gain access to those areas.


also hatches, will shoot you over walls lol

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Raid bases are where it’s at XD. There are always better ways to raid, just have to outsmart the builder.

im not saying make it easy … wearing both boots and gloves reduces armour and spike damage should be buffed so people climbing your walls will still be at a disadvantage when they reach the top …tbh this isnt so important as fixing building under monuments …which is fixed on test as of today


NOTHING should allow anyone climbing over spikes.

It would destroy PVE’s ONLY option to teach a troll a lesson.
It would make all kind of PVP anticlimb building style obsolete…

Climbing gear gives you infinite stamina already that’s more than enough.

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I we ever get to transform into a were-hyena, were-hyenas should be able to climb over spikes.