QoL request- Quick Egress

I think it would be awesome to have some type of quick-egress mechanism such as a fireman’s pole (obviously not exactly that but something). Many have elevated bases or like to build on multiple levels. I think it would be cool to have a 1-way descent as an option in base-building.

Could you set up some kind of disconnected, exterior wall/surface which you could leap onto and use existing climb mechanics to ‘break your fall’ and slide down?

I understand that it would possibly introduce the risk of hostiles climbing UP it to get at your base, but that seems the kind of compromise we want in pvp anyway.

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Yes it would be and is possible to do just that. I’m just not a fan of those short little lag spikes that seem to crop up only when doing something dangerous and not catching the wall. I’ve died more times than I’m comfortable with while using this makeshift method. I just thought that maybe having some kind of controlled mechanic in the game for such a thing would be nice.

Yes, you could.

So make it with a hatch opening and hatch, problem solved :slight_smile:

I mean we have ladders, but as far as I can tell they make no difference, since anywhere they could be placed would already be climbable (I’m fine with that).

edit: F—k me, I need to start checking dates. But I’m still surprised why posts from 6 months ago are unlocked (and appear in my list) whereas active posts are auto-locked after seven days.