Just a couple of ideas

The game has gotten very boring with these updates so the only thing left to do is to build. And having done that in a tree these past couple of days i was thinking about ways to access the base if it were on a pvp server. An elevator is basically the only way if the trunk is climb proof. How about something new on that front instead of the dull weapon and armor skins and pointless emotes? Thinking of treehouses a simple climbing rope would be great, one that had a pull up function when you are at the base so others couldn’t access it. Or/and a rope ladder, these could obviously be used in other kind of buildings as well.

Other idea while carrying a statue back to base was a cart for the horses. Could be a couple of versions, small open one and a bigger lockable perhaps with slots according to size. You could transport materials, treasures and such and they could actually be seen in the cart. Horses would of course be slower when tied to a cart. These kind of things would be great additions to the game, not the nonsense that’s going on now.

You have other methods of reaching a climb-proof base, most notably since sorcery came out:

• Bat Demon, but you need to be corrupted enough to cast that spell, and have the reagent on you.
• Frozen Bridge, just need to find the right spot to reach, and need reagent of course.
• Catapulting yourself with a Trebuchet + an optional Slow Fall spell.

Still, I agree we could use a few other options than just the elevators when it comes to building.

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