Another couple of ideas

Stop concetrating on fighting and raiding on the updates and changes. The game is so boring after the recent ones, do something actually interesting for once. I suggested these ones before, but here goes again. Somekind of rope ladder and a climbing rope that can be retracted and dropped down would be a great addition for the elevator that is the only non-stair option for entering a base that’s somewhere high up.

Another absolutely great idea would be carts for the horses. One with a few slots for materials, resources, treasures and such where the transported stuff would actually show on the cart. Another for transporting knocked out thralls, not many but like 3 or 4. Prisoner wagon of sorts. Of course they would be slower and could be attacked and raided by other players.

These kind of things would be good changes and additions in my opinion, not removing all of the challenge from the game, weakening thralls to the point where they are useless without full authority (and even then against naked players), diminishing every way of defending your base and so on. The game has taken a turn in the completely wrong direction.

Hmm… another case of someone asking for small things instead of large things.

While we may very well agree that the combat tweaks of the first Chapter were unnecessary and didn’t really do anything to improve the gameplay, you are presenting rope and horse carts as an alternative to the Age of War.

Rope and horse carts don’t need to be an alternative. They are small things that could just as easily be added to the Age of War without taking away anything.

Yeah, I somehow don’t think many people would be satisfied if the new content for the next three months consisted of a pony cart and a rope ladder.

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