Rope bridges, suspension, rope ladders more stabilty

In the long run can we get something like this?

Primitive rope bridge

Or a way to make retractable long hanging ladders without hatches.
I know we got elevators which is awesome but more options on this department would be cool. Same attachment mechanic for a retractable rope ladder would be just fine.

And to be able to ‘quickly’ make a way to create something “easy” to bridge gaps without the underlying pillar row.

I really do hope you aren’t mess up the diagonal support beams so we can build huge halls with roof over it. without turning the interior into a hedgehog :smiley:

Also to stabilize the wedge-curved towers (there is no working solution of the diagonal beam for the wedges atm.

Map room being “big” I like it but we need a way to enclose it. (Without pillars going through it)
(I know we have it already I built a nice tower around it but it collapsed when I logged out or next time logged in.)


Yes this was the same suggestion I planned on adding, bridges both rope and suspension types would be very helpful with the way the current system works.

As it is now you can build 4 tiles away from any foundation but I’ve found myself often in a situation were a bridge or something to connect two foundations further away than the allowed amount of tiles would be useful, rope would be especially helpful when you don’t want another foundation or structure leading back to the ground in the middle of two spread apart foundations.


Yeah should be allowed to span rope x10 tiles or whatever so long as it has a near and far anchor point, then build a “bridge floor” under the ropes.

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i like that option too.


But I currently thinking on a maybe more straightforward solution :smiley:
We already have horizontal elevators… what if we get a RopeBridge with the same “EZ” placement mechanic?
It could be as long as the far your target is… just like with the elevators.
it could be a “premade thing” like the elevators themselves.

But I do not say we don’t want to build walkable tiles on it. just whichever easier and cooler looking in the same time.

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Excellent discussion.

Rope bridges which do not land claim and can be usable by all is a great idea for moving through areas without going all the way round. If they were like the elevators it would be great as you could pick it back up and not leave them everywhere. You just need to get this thrall back to base! Just need anchor points…