Rope/hanging bridges

so i tried the new bridge types today and so far i am pretty frstrated. first off all: they look very cool. i really like to have those in my base.
BUT: cant you get stability for those bridges by using pillars? i have a pretty long bridge on my server with sandstone, which i wanted to upgrade to theese new hanging bringes. but i cant get those to work. it says that even the bridge pieces right above the pillar have 20 stability? wtf? do i have to place normal foundations/ceilings between 2 bridge peice for them to work? thats rediculous.

i mean, theese are rope/hanging bridges, even using pillars every 5meter is rediculous but to build normal ceilings every 5 meter?? thats … i dont even know a word for it Oo

pls make them have 200stability at the first bridgepeice so we can put more down without pillar, and let the small pieces get stability through pillars so we dont have to use ugly normal ceiling in the middle of a bridge…

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