In Addition to Pillars

Honestly, and with the new Darketo DLC pack coming out (as well as the new mounts) the only thing I think we’re missing in regards to building pieces is suspension ability. For example, instead of creating a bridge with pillars across an area we could have 3 tiers of suspension to anchor to tiles.

What could be cooler than building suspended bridges across mountains or trees etc and really open the map up for building locations?

If it were me, I’d make
T1 - Vine ropes (2 plant fiber and 10 vines)
T2 - Rope (Twine and Plant Fiber)
T3 - Chains (15 iron bar )

or something along those lines.

The lower levels could be cut by swords etc. T3 would need acid or explosive arrows/bombs etc


That would be a great addition and something. Different to the game!!

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Just thought of a way to set the cables that might be cool too.

To set the cables you could use a special arrow…That arrow would shoot the cable across. Then you’d build your tiles across and have to anchor them to the support rope like every 4 tiles or something…OR it could happen automatically when the cable is attached.

This would be INSTEAD of silly 12 story pillars.

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