New Jungle Bridge

People seem a bit upset that the bridges can’t go further then normal building pieces without adding more support. In a Dev stream they said something like: they would like it to go further but they don’t want to break the building mechanic or something. I’m paraphrasing here.

I think you can… maybe. I don’t know if you can do this but why not just make the bridge pieces use less stability? There are already things like slanted roof that use less then 20. Maybe you can make the bridges use 10. Have the stability drop off be 100,90,80,70… so on. Rather then 100,80,60,40,20. I don’t know I’m just spit balling here and I don’t know how hard this may or may not be.

Last time FUNCOM messed with stability, we’ve got mile long bridges made out of carpets.

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and pillar stair cases…

You know I’ve been playing from the beginning of early access and I never really cared about or looking into things involving decorations until about a month ago. I have not heard of this stuff. I find it really funny.:rofl:

I was just making a suggestion. If it is possible to do then I think it would be a good idea. If it is not then it’s not.

There’s already about 18 million topics on this subject, but here you go.

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