New rope-/ hanging bridge - pillar does not snap

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Single player
No mods

I’m unable to place any kind of pillar under the new type of rope-/ hanging bridge.
The pillar does not snap to the bridge tile.

I have the same behaviour on my modded server, so I have tested it with a new solo game, to be sure, that it is not because of one of the mods.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Place some foundations
  2. Place a new bridge part at the edge of the foundation
  3. Try to place a pillar under the bridge part for stabilization

Try to close and re-open the game, that happened to me aswell and after restart it worked.

Works not for me :frowning:
I have started a new solo game and restarted the client several times.
The pillar does not snap at the bridge tile.

Oh, but you are not supposed to snap the pillar on the bridge, but a ceiling piece, put one after the bridge and try.


That works (I have tested it while I was investigating the problem).
But this means that you have to use “normal” ceilings mixed with the bridge tiles if the gap is more then 8 tiles long?

For what I saw, it work like this, you put the foundation, the bridge then the ceiling piece and the pillar in it, and so forth. You can put the ceiling before the bridge too, but I think the stability wont be the same.

if we have to add ceiling pieces then why the bridge at all, we could use the simple fences along ceiling pieces, and not bother with the special bridge parts at all. duh…

Well, a lot of ppl is pissed with rope bridges not being actually “rooe” because they need pillars, but it was explained why, but still ppl love to complain.

Even needing pillars, I love these bridges because of the looks, and its way cheaper than ceilings.

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