New object idea: Foundation layout rope lines

So, yea, we’ve all had that moment when we’ve placed a whole bunch of foundation pieces, only to realize that last piece we need is clipping something, hanging off a ledge, too far underground, etc…

So why not use sticks and twine or vines to essentially sketch the layout before building?

On the blueprint/code side, I’m thinking either a new 2x2 (or 4x4 or whatever) foundation block or perhaps a 2/3/4/whatever block long fence type foundation, that would only snap to other blocks of its type. These layout blocks would then either have no collision so real foundations could be placed inside, or maybe upgraded by placing a real foundation on them.

The no collision option might be easier to implement, and could also be used for decorative purposes (eg, marking a path or something).

Art-wise, it could be as simple as a branch or spike mesh at each corner (scaled to one foundation tall) with bits of rope/vine connecting them to delineate the top edges.


would love anything along these lines

Yep. Count me in.

Or even make it where as long as it’s no more than a single row of foundations you can pick up entire outline and move or rotate to fit where you need it to go

That sounds amazing. It’s really cumbersome to have to just guess at how everything is going to go, only to place something wrong or realize you angled your initial piece too far or something and have to start again. Those foundations ain’t cheap.

I love this idea!! I would really like a plumb line as well! I hate spending time and resources trying to line up foundations when building a bridge. For Example: My base is in the desert on top of a mesa, with another right next to it so I decided to build a build using both as a part of my base. There was lots of trial and error trying to get everything to line up correctly(it’s like 12 foundations high). With a plumb line we could hang it off the edge of the last tile. This could allow us to snap the pillar/foundation right in line to keep everything looking great!