In-Game Base Planner

I’m sure others have mentioned this in some regard. I’m personally tired of farming and grinding for supplies only to tear it all down when it doesn’t work. An app won’t work, as the in-game terrain is where I want to build.

All I want is a simple square and wedge base planner. Please let me lay out the floor plan. All that is needed/required is an empty placeholder that can be upgraded later with any applicable tile e.g. Ghost-stone… looks like sandstone, but bluish and you can walk through it (no collision).

So you open your inventory and in the crafting section you have two new recipes: Ghost-stone Foundation and Ghost-stone Wedge Foundation. Once you have finished planning, build and (re)place your tiles like you normally would except they will snap into the plan; replacing the Ghost-stone. Simple yeah?

The idea could be expanded for some (all?) furniture items including a Ghost-Map Room and the various wheels of friendship, uh pain and animal pens! This would be beneficial for the big items so you know how they will fit.


I like this idea. I like it a lot! As long as it doesn’t generate any claim, but does react to other claims and no-build zones as usual, that would be a great addition to the game. In the meantime, since we don’t have it, what I do is something more costly, but it works pretty well, so I hope you don’t mind if I share it here.

The first step is to pick out the place, on the server, where I want to build.

Then I go into single-player mode, enable admin cheats, teleport to that place, and build my project. I can spawn in any materials, fly around, etc. It’s like creative mode in Minecraft and it allows me to make as many mistakes as I want to.

The tricky part is going back online and building it. If there are adjacent claims or no-build zones, it can be costly to try to build it and realize halfway through that you didn’t build it in the exact same place as in single-player.

So what I do is build the outline using sandstone. I don’t place the whole floor plan, only the foundations that correspond to the outermost elements of my build. To take an easy-to-describe example, let’s say you’re building a tower with a 5x5 square foundation base, but it widens at the top, using vaulted ceilings and crenellated walls, so the top of the tower is 7x7 squares. What I would build in sandstone is only the foundations that represent that 7x7 square (that would be 24 sandstone foundations total).

If I’m unable to place those, then I know it won’t work and I have to try to reposition it, but at least I didn’t spend a ton of materials on T3 pieces. If I am able to place those, I’m still not 100% done. I build one sandstone wall and run around these foundations, checking whether I can place the wall on the outside of them. I don’t actually need to place it, but if there’s any point where I can’t place it, then I need to reposition everything.

It’s cumbersome, but it works well.

And it would be much, much nicer if we had the planner pieces you suggested! :slight_smile:


Great tip. Yes my idea may not be as simple as all that but I hope it can and will be implemented. As you pointed out there are considerations that must be addressed. Another is, these should not attract purges…


Hey FunCom,

You want to have a contest? How about introducing a new feature that would actually assist in that goal? You know like, I don’t know, maybe an in-game planing feature or something…


While you’re at it,
a) the ability to make a blueprint of an existing structure and then
b) plant it down somewhere else,
c) feeding it materials to autobuild/autocomplete it (0-100%) over time
d) and if you cancel it/pick it up, you get the materials back in inv.


Excellent suggestion.

There have been plenty of times where I’ve rebuilt a base in the same location. Each time I try to build the same base or make small improvements. Recently I built a base (using Admin for materials because I still tore down and rebuilt, a lot), took pictures and then restarted to build it properly. I somehow still messed up the new base, despite the pictures. I guess I need better pictures… orrrr, maybe a blueprint!

I totally understand how some would want this, but it would not be idea for the multiplayer servers.

  1. Can other players see the other players’ blue print?
  2. If not, how would they know they might be crossing into their claim?
  3. How long is blueprint Decay time?
  4. Does it lay claim, or can someone build actual parts there before you upgraded it?

Honestly, I don’t like the idea about the blueprint of the whole structure, precisely because of the problems involved in multiplayer mode.

But I love the original idea about putting down “ghost” foundations that don’t lay a claim and that you can upgrade to actual foundations.

And I would suggest limiting the “ghost” pieces to foundations, so that the server doesn’t have to do the stability propagation work, because that would put additional strain on the server and could be abused.


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