Crafting stonebrick

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: NA

So anyways, … jump in game decided to craft a few dozen stonebrick wedge foundations for my nations and mad creations . I have the inventory open and put in bricks, reinf iron ,and shaped wood .
Click craft… dah dah dah …ok mats going down …
But wait!!! Where are my damn foundations
Well at least I got the 1000+ xp per. It would be nice to get the thing I crafted seeing as it took 1500 bricks that take forever to make on my meager 2 forge drive thru.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.get your mats inventory
3.craft stonebrick wedge foundations
4. Get angry
5. Not dumb enough to recreate this as I don’t want to lose another few thousand mats

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I’ll ask the dumb question.

Did you check for any empty spaces on the Radial Hotbar and did you make sure your inventory hasn’t got the filter on?


Thanks but yeah I checked that the problem was it was saying inventory full and dropping on the floor. After the second update it fixed .
Now I can’t take certain things off the radial but anywho new fixes bring new glitches it’s the circle of life what can you do .
Thanks again

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For the can’t take certain things off the hot bar, usually you can put in something like a tool, then swap out an empty slot or something else. Only had it happen twice to me but worked both times with my pick as a middle step to clear it.

Just to check you are selecting an empty space in your inventory and assigning it to your Hotbar to swap the item out of your hotbar yes?

If you can remove things from your shortcut bar, it’s because you have the inventory filtering on change that to custom and you’ll have full control.

Oh cool :sunglasses: didn’t know that!
Yeah if I had food or a water skin I could not change for an empty or put a skinning knife in its place but only with food stuff it seemed strange as it didn’t stop me before I think the 1.09 reset the settings as my invert direction movements weren’t working either.
Thanks for the info bro.