@Developers Wanted to make sure you guys know about this bug

I have no idea if you guys are aware of this bug

So lets say i have building pieces once i put both those pieces down it still gives me the outline to place that piece down even though i don’t have any building pieces left, You can’t do anything else unless you kill yourself or switch to an other piece in order to remove the building outline that kept being stuck

So in short if you have 3 building pieces or more , after you place down all 3 it will still give you the outline to place something even though i have no building pieces left , and there is nothing to remove that outline besides logging out, kill yourself or if you happend to have an other building piece you can switch to that building piece in order to stop the outline issue

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Bug Fix

Hold down SHIFT as you left click the outlined stack.

Hold down shift you say , when it shows you to place down an foundation even though you have non building pieces in your inventory , holding down shift doesn’t make it go away

even right click doesn’t let me go out of building mode

Open your inventory, move your mouse pointer onto the stack which has run out then try either:
A, Left click hold and drag off your hotbar , or
B, Hold shift down and left click the empty stack icon in your hotbar.

This should clear it mate. It not a fix, more of a workaround.

Okay i did what you said , but even removing the empty stack doesn’t do anything

In order not to have that bug i’ll just put a building piece i never use in my last slot so i can switch to that in order to stop the bug

I’m sorry to hear that mate. Maybe you have found an issue.
It’s not a widespread issue, and not one I’ve encountered yet on our server, except for a similar issue with orbs in the past.
Can you see any pattern to recreating it? or does it just happen to you everytime you build?

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(This is a (visual) glitch.)

Could you say what/how/where exactly you’re trying to place, if this only happens to certain pieces or inventory slots and if any of the already placed objects becomes a ‘ghost’ block or if you are able to create said block? Such details may help increase developers’ reproduction chances (I’m just a wiki editor though).

Could you try searching funcom forums, possibly? I’d do it if I had more time :cry:.

I get this same bug from time to time when building, not every time. Generally it’s a square foundation or ceiling tile and the only way to make it stop is as the OP says, select another building material or relog/suicide. Tier or material of building piece makes no difference and it could possibly be caused from plopping down a lot of pieces rapidly at the end of the stack. It is too intermittent to reliably reproduce.

The bug also come when you just try to place down a bech or something , try crafting 2 normal foundations then place them down fast next to eachother that should create that bug

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