Building pieces move

I built on an Oasis and this only started happening yesterday. When I go explore and come back the building re-arranges itself.

It is supposed to look like the one on the left.

I did demolish and rebuild the weird part and the corner pillar did not want to place, after picking up the bench and all. Logged out and came back and the pillar was placed. Continued to rebuild only to come back to it being re-arranged again.

Just some more info, there seems to have been a base before mine that decayed but some pets are still there. Don’t know if that might be the cause?

Sorry if this has been reported, I hope you find some value in my report. Good luck!



Hey there,

We just released an additional hotfix that aims to address this issue. Could you let us know if this happens to you again after downloading the newest patch?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Will most certainly do! Thank you for the reply and all the hard work!


@Ignasis I am happy to report my Oasis hovel is standing strong and looking “good” after a 100 min session of exploring, dying and running back and forth from my base. I will keep you posted if any anomalies rear their buggy little heads. Cheers man! :metal::smiling_imp:


Thanks for letting us know and glad to hear they’re not going anywhere :slight_smile:

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First off, the performance (framerate) has improved dramatically since I went back to Testlive yesterday. I’m on an older CPU, and the freeze-frame-stop-motion performance (15-20 fps) I used to get from just walking around is no longer an issue. I now get 45+ fps and it’s fantastic–GREAT WORK!!!

Built a base last night (Testlive US-2 Conflict) and this morning some pieces have moved. Certain wall pieces cannot be placed, that were placed before. Some foundations are floating in unnatural (normally impossible) ways.

Phantom stairway killed me because I couldn’t actually walk on it (took quite a tumble), and my body immediately disappeared. This was especially odd because I could dismantle the pieces, but not walk on them. My body appeared on location a few minutes later as a loot bag.

“New users cannot upload photos.” So, I guess you’ll have to take my word for it.

Update: Relogging fixed the building placement issues.

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