Please add a Blueprint Mode

It would be a huge improvement for building if there were a blueprint mode. I would suggest at the very least foundation, wedge, and maybe wall and door frame pieces. They should be able to be placed like regular pieces and be able to lock onto other pieces as well. Maybe make them invisible unless a blueprint or building piece is currently selected, then they will show as an outline. This would be a HUGE quality of life change for building and planning. I’m tired of having to destroy my pieces and starting over because there is a section that doesn’t line up right when I’m almost done.


The destruction if pieces is so insanely tedious. I suppose I understand the Devs desire to make building destruction lossy but given the “quirks” of the game it’s annoying when you have to destroy something because the game engine had a different idea of where you want to place a block.

Maybe put placement on a timer so if you plop something wrong you can pick it up in 30 sencidsd or whatver.

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I usually have the problem of pieces not meeting up correctly and leaving gaps smaller than a wedge. A fill piece would be nice too. Something that costs just slightly less than a wedge and fills spaces too small for a wedge.

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