Building blueprints and share them?

I guess I am waaaay late for this but who knows… :smiley:

So there is papyrus, and there are connection between building pieces…
Why don’t we have these two be connected?

I mean I’d like to have an option to create a blueprint of the “houses” I created and upload them to the workshop. (just the connected stuff for being EZ on the programmer’s side)

So whoever downloaded the blueprint and has the materials along with the necessary skills (mason, potter, etc…)
Could create it and “place it as a placeable thing” from the blueprint in one go.


This is a good suggestion, I was about to make a similar post. But I would add a few things to the your idea. Big buildings would be a problem, but to solve it, one could have smaller building pieces of the blueprint and place them one at the time, maybe something like the siege weapon where you have to place 3 pieces to complete it.

Even having a blueprint for simpler things would also be great, say you want to place a box or a circle, it would be helpful with a blueprint that places foundations or walls in the formation you want, maybe if possible, take a box or circle blueprint and stack it on top of each other.

For the blueprints to stack, it would somehow need to read stability from the building below it though.
( OT: and deny all access if there is a single hanging ceiling brazier somehere in the ceiling below… )

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