Structure Blueprints, Thrall Peons and Architect Skill Trees

I would like to see blueprints for structures to let us quickly build a saved layout for buildings.

For example if my friend makes a sick tower with a tribal theme that I would like to use in a village it would be nice if that could be saved on a blueprint type document. Or it can be a special foundation to trigger the saving of a building as a blueprint that can be shared.

Then if I as another player learn how to craft blueprints for my clan, with increased degrees of complexity, I can set the foundation for that building with a builders workstation or something like that.

If the foundation is good then I or my clansmen can drop all the required raw materials into the builder table and assign thralls to build it over time or something like that which would be more thematic than instantly plopping one down.

The larger the construction the more thralls, resources and character expertise to build like that.

The benefits

We get a new way to build structures that may be well built by better more creative folk who wpuld enjoy sharing their builds.

We get a fast way to build out settlements making it more time friendly on server admin to curate experiences

A good way to let people expand and hopefully war without the repetition of harvesting, crafting then building only to lose the structure anyways. This softens the blow and hopefully makes “warring” better between groups.

An entire skill line and use of thralls for world building. Give us our RTS Builder peons lol.

What do you think? I’d love it just to rapidly build and invite players to destroy these pop up structures with npc guards or challenges.


I dont know about a skill tree, perhaps an architect thrall who can create such blueprints. Really cool idea but how such a structure would behave near other structures would be very complicated.

You have to imagine how the pieces “snap” together and how a player made combination would behave near other building blocks. I would like the process to look a little more real too but maybe they could set this for more practical places like the altars/upgrading, repairs and seige platforms. Along the lines of the city life handeling such tasks rather than the player walking up and just plopping it in place or insta-repairing a piece. Ofcourse city life was not completed in time for launch so we must wait to see what they come up with.

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Ye! This is super cool.