Blueprints for our bases with workshop support? (Only structure, not placeables)


Would it be possible to create blueprints of bases we have created and then upload them via Steam workshop if we want to share them with other players?

Or if you get raided, and you lose your base, say you really took a liking to it and want to rebuild it the same way… but you don’t remember how exactly you placed everything… could you allow the player to rebuild from a blueprint?

It’s impossible to save certain layouts or share them with others. I feel like a lot of creative work is going to be lost the more time is put into it. If there was a way to “remember” layouts on characters and then have a ghosted outline on the ground that you could just use the repair hammer to fill in pieces, as long as you have the right materials, it would keep people engaged in Conan Exiles for a lot longer.

People lose bases all the time, building decay on official servers - makes people not commit to base building in case they lose their design to inactivity timers - therefore not play.

Please let us be able to remember our base layouts and if not to share them via workshop, at least leave a blueprint scroll in game which we could share with other players. It could also be a feat - your character could remember, say three designs at maximum tier without having knowledge from scrolls. That would make things so much more interactive in terms of the community.

They don’t have to retain all the little items you decorate bases with, like chairs, vases, candles, just the actual building pieces. I think that would be an outstanding feature for Isle of Siptah, while you are doing your other crafting/economy updates - please keep base blueprints in mind - give players the ability to support the community with solid designs that don’t just disappear never to be seen again.

Maybe you’re not a good base builder, but your friend is a structural integrity wiz - blueprints would give this person the ability to share their insights with other players, benefitting the playerbase as a whole.

Thanks, and keep up the good work.

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