Blueprint your builds for later use!

As a player who plays only PvE and mainly focuses on building, I hate losing what I’ve created due to unforeseen circumstances such as a problem or a wipe. My last play through on a server I spent over five hundred hours building a city and lost it to a wipe. Most people don’t mind impermanence, and I get that. However I think it would be a really great feature to allow player buildings to be scanned, blueprinted and saved to a player’s account for later use. Said building could then be placed and auto built in its original material or even the lowest tier mats for fairness (though it would be cool if we could choose a different material) as long as the player had all the required or original mats. Decorations probably couldn’t be replicated but that’s negligible. Fallout ‘76 has boasted this feature and I really think this should be a feature for Conan Exiles. I can see how it might not be ideal for PvP unless it’s got certain restrictions tacked onto it, but for PvE and for players who mainly love to join a server and build, it would be a nice tool to have. It could be a big opportunity for a whole new spectrum of play to be opened up, especially if players could share their blueprints and such. I’ve come across a lot of players who don’t like to focus on building because they don’t know what to do, so such a thing could help them as well. This could really play up the great building capabilities of this game. I realize any suggestion like this has a lot of kinks and knots to work out as far as approaching the theme of the original gameplay, but I personally would really appreciate any strides to make such a feature for players in any way.

A simple nope! for that one. Building is the biggest part of the game, adding blueprint removes… well, the building. Dont mention 76’ in this, because their reasonings are that there is no server you goto, you just join a “session” if you will, and if someone is at the spot you had your base, then you have to option to re-place it somewhere else with a blueprint (quite silly).

And, and this is something most people especially on PvP servers doesn’t think about, re-building from scratch after raid, wipe, ect, is how you learn to build better. Its really simple like that. The way you evolve on a PvP server is by learning from the mistakes you made while building a base, then rebuild, and repeat untill you have learnt at least the basics.

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this is possible since ark has a mod but for simple sake just no it would cost way too much resource to generate something like that. At best what we modder could do is provide like a large pre built building that cannot build upon. but we got tent for that already.