Builder NPC pre-set building/bases

You place the builder NPC on the ground it can build pre-set buildings exterior and interior you could find new plans in the world or bazaar , though you still need to collect all the resources before all the building and interior items can be finished, you will see what you need , you can place the builder and bench inside then travel to where you want to build with the builder NPC, place the building hologram and the pre-set building will begin, similar to how the purge bases appear.

People could save their favourite build and share it with others and add the name of who made it, get special prize for nice build.

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Sounds like Fallout 3 Exiles version. Might be nice for private servers or single player but official servers are already over built in some cases and players want to show their skills building.

I think it’s very easy for bases to get raided and this would make the recovery after a raid better, in terms of showing skill you will know who built the pre-set building, you can add your own too.

And just like Purge bases, this idea would only work on a very flat area.

After 5k hours of playing Conan Exiles on official servers, it’s quite clear that most bases I encounter are boxes. Pre-made bases or at least small parts of it would help players that find it difficult to build anything else but a box.

We can have a new bench where you can save blueprints. Place the bench on a building and click “generate blueprint”. This blueprint can be given to other players and used while in building mode to place pre-made bases.

I’ve seen this sistem in satisfactory where you can save entire factories as blueprints and place them as many times as you want. Really nice system.

This would motivate players to invest more time into building and make blueprints a valuable commodity.

You are an optimist. Me, I foresee just more mass-produced boxes.

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While I would love a sort of blueprint system for basebuilding, especially if I want to recreate a build I used to have but can’t remember exactly how I built it, I also like you see a problem with such a system since many buildings works because of the location and terrain they were built in, any other place and it would likely cause problems, especially more advance and detailed structures :slight_smile:

This is the problem Fallout 76 ran into. Blueprints were all but useless unless you built REALLY small (like a single foundation to put anywhere) or had a “floating” base attached to a single foundation and staircase. Otherwise, they were only good for small pieces or decor or something. The “mobile” camp thing was just a pipe dream.

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