Base planning software?

Anyone know of any vase design software for Conan? I’m just wondering because I hate building and using resources only to find out, I can’t match a corner of my base or, the angle is wrong etc.

It’d be cool if there was a planner that would tell me i need 150 square foundations, 64 triangle, 408 ceiling tiles 6 doors etc.

I’m kinda surprised I haven’t been able to find one. I mean, I can draw up a base in sketchup but it’s pretty tedious for
This type of stuff and doesn’t count the pieces.

Why not do it in single player with cheats for infinite pieces and just keep a running total?

Yeah. I was doing that but it’s so inefficient and slow. Though, it does have an advantage. I know how it will build within the terrain.

There’s a steam game called “Fortify” that’s usually like, 1 dollar. It’s made for rust specifically but it’s the same building system. I use it to plan out my larger projects and see what fits.

PRETTY sure there’s a way to count pieces too but the default counts resources, which are useless since its rust resources and not conan, but it’s smoother than sketchup.

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Is this it?
Fortify is a base designer for Rust Seems pretty simple for planning…Might be just what I’m looking for. Thanks. I’ll check it out.

I use a top-down skeleton for planning. My favorite app for this is Serif DrawPlus, or Adobe Illustrator if on my tablet, or even CorelDraw. Any vector drawing app will help you floorplan quite quickly.

When looking for crafting costs, I use the following. Maybe you haven’t reddit, and the op includes a link to a Google Sheet. When you follow the link in the OP, you’ll be prompted to make a copy of the Google Sheet. This is why I’m not directly hotlinking anything here other than reddit.

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