A construction simulator would be more than welcome!

Hello, worshipper of sandbox type games I find Conan Exiles to be a really extraordinary experience, despite the bugs still too numerous and the feeling of being an anti solo game given the very very long top level constructions harvested for a solo player, but let’s get back to the title of the topic.

I played Rust for a long time and this last one proposed a construction simulator, which has for name : Fortify (sold for 1€ or 2€, I know more exactly) which made it possible to know how much element of structure could cost our construction, the number of necessary resource for the total construction of our base and all a very sympathetic pile of detail which was specific to Rust, I can put a link for the software, but I do not know if this will be authorized here, in any way this last is easy to find on google or steam ;).

It’s really a very welcome little program in this type of game, because you can try everything and even put all the objects in the game, I think something similar would be just as interesting for Conan Exiles players.

(ps: I hope to have a good translation my English being very limited, I hope the message will be sufficiently comprehensible to your eyes:D)

something of a planner where you can at least lay out some floor and wall plans would be very useful. ive had numerous times where 2 walls wouldnt connect because of a 1/7th block gap due to some wedges here and there… wasted about 80 T2 foundations on getting it right…

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Like this?

Elevators despawning at same rate as the block they’re attatched to would be a nice fix. I went away over weekend and they despawned even tho everthing else was still there

Pretty cool!
Whats the program used?

I guess he is using a CAD program, don’t know exactly- you have to contact him on Reddit

CAD has quite a high learning curve for something like this :stuck_out_tongue:

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