More options for buidling

So I spent last two weeks playing with building. I have found it to be more frustrating then any game I have ever played before. First off getting things to snap together at times makes me want to rip the hair out of head. When I do finally get a cool building almost built I run in to a brick wall where I can’t finish it because their piece missing. An example is I was using slopped Insulated roof tops. Then on front and back I used Left and right insutlate slopped wall with windows in the middle. However now im stuck with triagle whole on top of those. Their no pices that fit in their. This is beyond stupid. I come across this a lot when building where I get almost done then hit brick wall can’t finish cause I can’t find anything to fit something. It takes forever to take a building down and start back over not to mention the waste of material in process.