Fixing the building in the game ever?

Deleting what i wrote here and apologize for being abit to hot headed to figure out the actual problem, moderators feel free to delete this post :slight_smile:

What part of building is broken? You didnt specify so if by the slim chance anyone who can do anything about it reads your post they will get nothing from it. Food for thought.

Ive never had an issue that prevented me from building. You get pieces that wont snap occasionally but every vet knows to walk away and come back in a min and it works. Noobs wont know but you said you have been here from the beginning. Stability is just fine, even better when you use your hammer and just dont wing it. There are countless mega build speed videos on youtube that prove building in the game works well. What is the basis of your argument?


Also here to help. When they offered the Building Contest I was like β€œwhat should I build?” rather than β€œwhat can I build?”.

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