Building is horrible i ll hope u will rework it

there are to many bugs i found in building to write them all down here
it is verry frustrating to build up a base and after loading it will explode (just an example)
other thing is at one base i needed 5 pier in verry close range to build an cover
snaping is horible

building is a main feature of this game it should work

and haha i cant post pics here (cz i am to new) wtf !!!

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lovely beta game.

There’s a few bugs, but the building system is really really well polished and works quite well compared to every survival game I’ve played. These building systems aren’t easy to get working (for one reason or another). This one’s really really good.


i would help devs in posting screenshots but i cant post them

There are a few clipping bugs, and that loading in thing where the building seems to explode is only visual. The building shouldn’t break apart (it’s never actual broken once everything renders for me). I know the devs have advised server admins of some fixes for the slow rendering upon loading into a server. Otherwise, the building is incredible. It only needs some placement bugs fixed.

Hi there,

You should be able to post a screenshot after about 24 hours or so. I cant seem to find the exact amount of time it takes but you should be able to soon

Little sheep. Sure, okay.

nope parts are break from building after loading there was a hole and my benches on the other flor was destroyed with no remaining loot - then i cant just rebuild them
i ve to destroy some parts in the near then i can rebuild it completly

after some exploding loadings i ve build up some pier and one direct under the exploding part
this helps but it is wasted space it is used by pier now

the building was build on a mountain

and there are massive problems with pyradide parts

still cant post pics
i ve mailed funcom

Ah I see. I’ve heard a little more about similar issues now. Is there any consistency between different build locations/types of buildings that seem to do it more often?

May I also ask what kind of server you are on? Public/private and whether bodies remain after logging out? I heard some devs offering advice on changing server settings to reduce rendering issues.

I think I got permission to post images after getting a like on my post or something like that.

Also: what is a pyradide part? Did you mean pyramid parts/the ramps?

Apart from a few quirks I really love the building system. I’d love to be able to adjust the height of foundations and there are a few snapping problems and things like I can’t place a wall next to stairs, but stairs next to walls, but I was able to build pretty awesome and big things with very little frustration. Perhaps you need to compare to other game’s building systems to appreciate Conan Exile’s more. :smiley:

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still cant post pictures