Issue wth building parts that are placed not always loading

Game mode: Online official both and LAN Dedicated Server and online private

Type of issue: [Enter one of the following: Bug

Server type: [Enter one of the following: PvP

Region: [North America]

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Issue is that building pices are placed but after while the games stop thinking those pices are there they show up you can stand on them and cant walk through them but if you can not remove them and if you are standing on them you are floating.

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  1. build fort or base with walls like a fort
  2. log off wait over night so forth
    3.log back in
  3. some parts of base your feet be off ground and you be floating in the air not able to remove those pices game acts like there nothing there even thought there is something there

sometimes this only effects person that made them and not other people and sometimes it effects other people and not people who made them it seems to be wierd loading bug this bug been around for long time I seen it reported couple of times on here.

we run server with dedicated tool set on our local area network and we are all connected to server in house hold through dedicated local area network the connection speed is one gigabyte driect connected to server there is 4 of us in family playing on this server. so there plenty of bandwidth with a connection of 1 gig the server is running 5 ghz

the dedicated server that is connected localy is running with
128 Gigs ram
12 core 3.8 Ghz
4tb SSD drive
Nvidia GTX970

this whole system is dedicated and only running dedicated tool set for conan exiles with 1 gigabyte connection speed up and down only 4 people play on it and where all driect connected.

I also ran into this issue when playing on offical servers where parts of the base would not load correctly.

This is a really old problem that I’ve noticed get a lot worse recently. Easiest work around is to leave load distance then come back.

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Hey there, it’s a known issue, as replied in this topic !

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