Bulding parts not loading properly/glitched when walking over them

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug, Performance
Region: Germany/EU

Building parts are not loading properly. First they take ages to show up after spawning or entering the game, then they start to be glitched. Yes, only after they show up. When it looks like I’m standing in mid air because a ceiling didn’t load yet, I just stand there. Once the ceiling shows up, I’m starting to fall and bump up and down.

It looks like I’m going to fall down through foundations or ceilings. I can half walk through walls and can almost not get up or down stairs.

I’m not sure when it started, but it feels like it’s getting worse really fast. First it have only been a few single parts, now it’s almost the whole base where it’s happening.

Glitched building parts cannot be interacted with, items and Thralls can’t be placed on it and Thralls that have been placed already fall through glitched building parts.

Steps I tried to solve the issue:

  • Relog; Doesn’t change anything, it’s just other parts that are bugged. (other players don’t have the same glitched tiles, but thralls seem to be affected as well… weird)
  • Verify steam files; Files were okay, no download, problem persists.
  • Leave the area and come back; Sometimes workes. For some parts and others not.
  • Wait. Sometimes works. For some parts and others not.

Server: Official PvP 1077 EU

I had this bug in Early Access accasionally, but now it’s near unplayable in my base :confused: Sometimes I think that it’s my character that’s bugged… espacially since I got the bug with spawning in the desert every time I log in too.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Start playing
  2. Keep playing
  3. Log out
  4. Log in again
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Yikes, that is nasty. Mine has NEVER been that bad, I am on PC SP PVP.

I think is especially an official server problem.

In SP and on my own server i barely experiment such problems. Seems be lot of lag and rendering problems you describe. Had one mal this problem with stairs on a server i played, and a server restart resolved the problem for me then. Was not my server nor at this time, and it was experimenting some lag at some time.

Realy i would hate that, one of the numerous reason i don’t play on official.

Yeah, I’m afraid that’s exactly the problem. Not sure if officials have regular restarts? We only had that very rarely on our own server too, it just started to be that bad since I’m playing on offical :frowning: