Building piece interaction issue when first loading into server

Game mode: [Online Official]
Type of issue: [Bug/Performance]
Server type: [PvP]
Region: [Asia]

Every time I join a server, my character doesn’t interact correctly with floor/walls or items. Initially, everything looks ok, he is standing there normally. But when I start to move, particularly if I move to a wall or try to climb, he goes through the wall/floor piece. It won’t let me actually walk through it, just seems to partially glitch through. If I go to a wall I can walk through it until my character is fully visible on the other side, then it bounces me back. If I stand on a ceiling piece my character either is up to his knees inside the piece, or he constantly bounces/jerks around. I have to disconnect and reconnect multiple times before it registers building pieces. It seems to only affect building pieces and climbing surfaces.

The easiest way to tell this is going to happen is to check the camera when I load the game. If I view my character from the side and the camera goes through walls/ceilings (instead of zooming in closer so that character view is maintained) then it means the issue is present. That is the case every time I’ve seen this happen.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Load into server
  2. Try to walk against a wall or climb a wall/ceiling piece or generally just interact with your base pieces
  3. Character glitches around through pieces, making movement very difficult or impossible
  4. Reload repeatedly until it stops

I’m using no mods of anykind.

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I find this type of loading happens to me if I load into the server in area with lots of objects to render/load in and/or when I load into the server in my clan-mates very large building in my bedroom that has decorations and chests.
I also get it when I sprint up to my clan-mates building and the game is still loading the base … I see doors or gates open and try to run through and seem to get into past them but the game then pushes me back to the other side.
I don’t have to relog several times to solve it however… I just stand still for a few minutes until everything is loaded fully by the server to my client.
I see by your tag that you are on a PvP server … so logging out in a smaller structure with less placeables may not be possible for you due to those being more vulnerable to attack.

It is possible that it would resolve if I wait long enough. I usually don’t go more than a minute or two because it is so difficult to do anything. I’m a solo player, so my base isn’t big, and has next to no decorations. I’m in a pretty isolated area, so I’m not aware of any large groups of objects loading nearby, but I’ll try giving it more time to self-correct.

Hey there,

Our team is aware of this issue and is trying to find a way to fix it. Until then, some users reported a temporary workaround if it happens around their base, which is to put all your stuff in a nearby chest and remove your bracelet. It’s not an ideal workaround, but until we release a fix for this it can be less aggravating than dealing with this issue.

Walking out of draw-distance and come back should mostly solve it when this happens.
So client and server have time to synch and load/reload it properly.
Mostly quicker than a relog. :wink:

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