Falling thru my base

Game mode: [Online
Problem: Bug
Region: NA

When I logged in today I fall thru the floors, finally made it outside and I can even walk on a single foundation piece of mine. I walked to my neighbor base and was able to walk around no problems. So I go back to my base and still falling. I’m playing on official server 2503.

same. issue same 2503. seems all staic objects are bugged as non solid.

Same server, same issue. I made something new and I could stand on it. Logged out and back in and I just fall through it like the rest of my buildings.

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Same server 2503, same issues. I also glitch thru other peoples walls/foundations, not just my own.

Having same issue on 2503 sent a tweet to g portal last night and they finally replied 2 hours ago telling me to fill out a form directly to funcom but I can’t post the link here. I think 12hrs is a bit ridiculous for something that could probably be fixed with a Server restart. So Any support person plz reset conan exiles xbox one pve server 2503 ASAP!

I can walk on my buildings again. I am on right now.

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Hooray lol, was afraid it would be effed until tomorrow with the holiday here.