Dubble elevator!

Whay not ad the elevator dubble so you have one box in etch end, one at the top and one in the botom? Thats is also an more realistic build and how its historical corect build.


Oh you mean like a paired set of two, not really a box at both ends

Two players fit on a single elevator easy. If you are worried about falling off, make two side by side like we do.

Besides the elevator bug that throws you off, or you fall thru the floor and die is much worse.

This is actually a really good idea. Then there would shears be an elevator ready to be used. They should keep the regular elevator though.


one elevator in etch end off the system


system would have to change to not go vertical only then, otherwise they’d hit each other going up/down. Which of course could be done.

I like it!

Or they would be side by side and take up 1X2 spaces. So a new elevator in addition to the existing elevators.

yeah that’s what I meant with a paired set of two

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