Door Health raise back to 50k

Please, please, return door health back to the 50,000 each for T3 doors. Cutting it in half to the 25k with last patch, while making bombs cheaper, has made it waaaaay to easy to raid ground bases.

This also goes for hatches, and gates.

It only takes 3 bombs to get through any T3 entrance now. I’m able to blow up 10,15, 20-layer thick door systems within minutes. I shouldn’t be able to get into a very well designed base in under 5 minutes with so few bombs. At least when it was 50,000 it would take 5-6 each and was more challenging.

You’ve basically destroyed any semblance of balancing. Raiding is mad max thundersnow style and there NO SAFE option for protecting your stuff when it so easy to farm bombs and raid. Please balance and return health back to original amount.


Please. We’re asking nicely. It’s not something new. Just what we already had (and actually worked), but you took it away and now it’s Waaaaaay to easy to get in other people’s things.

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Actually there’s a lot of people who would tend to disagree with your suggestion. If anything regular walls should have either a buff or add on piece that fortifies them. But doors and gates, no.
Have you tried raiding a base with hundreds of gates and doors that can be quickly replaced if actively defended? There’s some spots like deserters gutter that can have an absurd amount of gates and doors all within the radius of a bubble where all defenders have to do is stand behind and repair/replace. The HP nerf made those kind of bases much harder to defend with little effort.

High HP doors/gates wouldn’t be so much of a problem if they couldn’t be actively repaired during a raid.

I kinda of agree with that. But ANY base is easy to defend if you’re online. Problem is, lowering door health to 25k while decreasing cost for bombs has made offline raiding waaaaaay too easy. It Should be an investment in resources to raid someone, waaay too cheap/easy right now to loot others instead of getting same things yourself.

I have roughly 8-10 T3 doors to get into my base depending on the side. If I’m offline, it only takes 24-30 bombs and everything is gone. Five minutes of work and maybe an hr to farm for them to have made the bombs, and weeks worth of T4 thralls and mats gone. If I wanted to be online for 6 hrs straight every single day, no vacations, no breaks, no life balance what-so-ever outside of Game… then I only need 2 doors and I can hold a half dozen people at bay indefinitely. I want there to be a cost to raiding someone so it has to be a calculated decision if it’s WORTH the time/bombs to try. As it is right now, it ENCOURAGES offline raiding. I get it, if someone wants in, they can farm enough and get into ANY base. But if it only costs them 8-10 bombs, even 30 to do. It’s sooo cheap, I’ll blow them all up, no thought involved bc they’re all going to have at least SOMETHING more valueable then the tiny bit of mats to make the bombs.

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