Let’s discuss raids

I think we need have to discuss raids and defensive wise or lack of.

Best way discuss is put in time not how many bombs or how much hp. It all boils down to time any ways.

Say you only have place 1 bomb on this t3 wall how long should it take to brake that wall.

You have 6 hours time window so how many walls should be able to brake through. 1 or 5 or maybe 100

I going doors an hour. Walls hour and half and foundation 2 hours.

What, you want it to take an hour to break a door?? :face_with_monocle:

To be honest door should have close hp as a wall does.

So thinking like that is why gave door an hour

it takes 1 second to repair anything.

Everybody dislikes offline raiding but if it took an hour to break a door, then offline raiding would be the only option. And since you would only need 7 doors to prevent a raid, we might as well just remove raiding from the game then.

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Myth of Empires has repair over time. Spend the resources and the HP of the building goes up slowly.

Also when you placed building pieces in Myth of Empires, they start at 1 HP and heal up over time. This discourages rebuilding during raids.


That sounds pretty balanced, actually. I like that.

Responding to OP: I think that bomb damage should be halved and building HP increased by about 33%. Doors by 50%. That means that the time and resources to farm up the requisite number of bombs would increase. I also think that bombs should have a “placing” animation, about 2-3 seconds long per bomb. That would give defenders time to respond to bomb placement. An actively defended base should require planning and strategy, not just “throw enough crap at the wall until some of it sticks”. Offline Raiding is a separate issue altogether.

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If they did all that then I’d start playing on PvP servers again. Attackers have a huge advantage for raiding when it should be the other way around. Assaulting a castle should take way more time and resources than it currently does. Does anyone even use Trebuchets anymore? IMO, trebs should be a necessity if you want to assault a T3 base in a timely fashion.

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Remember when people used to macro placing a bomb followed by using a throwing axe so that bombs could be used offensively?

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I haven’t played on PC, only Xbox, so thankfully no macro BS to deal with

I’ve used em a few times just for fun and for raiding bubbled pillar bases.

Tbh I think they’re fun they just take too long to set up and in most cases bombs are so fast and easy to use, there’s not really any reason to do anything else.

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Turn on DBD and you don’t have to worry about the mechanics of how hard it is to make a wall vs blowing it down. Then it comes down to do you have the fight in you to prevent damage or to cause damage.

  1. Bomb placement animation. 1-2s. Removes those spamming from wheel as they done and run around.

  2. Door HP equal to same tier walls. I mean, with pick upfeature, noo e will have doors anyways, just pillars and walls for entrances.
    So just make it so we don’t have to exploit the pick up mechanic.

  3. Bomb (Jars and arrows) crafting station.
    T1 5 dragon powder, 20 tar, 1 Jar. Arrows double normal cost now.
    T2 . 2 dragon powder, 10 tar, 1 jar. Arrows normal cost now.
    T3 (Shows on map) Current recipe. Arrows 1/2 normal.

*Any T4 crafter reduces time.

  1. Tiered Trebs, more hp and faster crafting.

  2. DbD.


@Taemien and @biggcane55 I agree and disagree with both of you.

Imo the solution depends on the solution lol.

The main problem as I see it is it’s impossible to balance online and offline raiding at the same time. It’s just too different.

Offline raiding is way too easy and defending is way too easy.

In a lot of spots it’s so easy to keep repairing and placing new building pieces. It’s not the most fun gameplay, but just spam block the entrance for 6 hours and you’re good to go.

You could try and balance both, but if you make offline raiding harder you would also make online raiding even harder than it already is.

Let’s say it takes 20 minutes to get in to a base offline and we want to move it to 3-4 hours. (I think some people want 5 doors to last an entire raid period, but if that’s what you want go play pve-c). That means bombs should either be 10x weaker or walls should be 10x stronger.

To balance online raiding you would then have to make defending 20x weaker. (because it is already too strong). At that point you would almost have to remove repairs or it would be too easy to defend.

Imo DBD is a way better way. It’s not the entire solution but it’s part of it.
If it was enabled you would only have to balance for one thing.
A bunch of people probably don’t agree but I think they should remove replacement during raids. Something like you can’t place building pieces for a few minutes after your base took damage.

On top of that increase bomb damage by a lot, but add a new rare ingredient. just a random example but fx something that has 1% chance to drop from an iron node and you only get one (at least make it available all over the map, so you don’t have no-lifers camping it all day, blocking everyone else from getting any). That way you would also get rid of people having 500DP just laying around for a day where they get bored and blow up the entire noob river or raid the base of someone who looked at you wrong. You would want the bombs you had to make an impact where it mattered and put a lot more thought in to who you’re raiding.

Some small clan servers would be nice imo.

And 4 clan members is only 60 thralls and it’s not like a base is one long hallway with every thrall in it.

Realistically you almost never have to fight more than 10-20 thralls.

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I don’t disagree with you either. I just think some small clan servers would be fun. Not every server.

I think they should have a bunch of different servers with different rules.

OK I’ll just break it down for you.

You know all those times you want to place a piece, but it takes 30 MINUTES AND A GOOGLE SEARCH to figure out how?

Do that to bombs.

You want proof Funcom wants raids? See how easy it is to place 13 bombs outside your own door, on a slope.

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There’s not much to disagree with. I think everyone is advocating for DBD to be turned on and eliminate the need for balancing offline raiding entirely.

As for balancing everything else, you can’t really put the cart before the horse. We can guess that changing things such as building damage, material costs, etc will be better. But the guess that it will simply work is just as valid. In either case you won’t know what is exactly needed until you change DBD to on.

They should turn it on, then make adjustments as needed. Making adjustments beforehand is just extra steps.

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We already have online raiding. we can already see how it works.

It’s really easy to defend.

Every time someone tried to treb my base (online) I just let them blow a hole and replace the missing wall. Every time they give up on the treb at that point. If the defenders have mats, trebs are useless.

Just one example.

And I’ve successfully beaten down 22 defenders into submission using about 19 attackers. And the Treb was one of the more potent weapons.

And to come up with an example you had to go with more players than officials can hold and each team being double the size of a clan :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah bigger forces means more ways to be tactical and outsmarting each other.