Raiding thoughts

Any chance explosives are dropped from game. Poison clouds dropped from game. Doors and drawbridges never lock. And thralls respawn two minutes after being killed. ???

Better raiding.

ROFLOL Then what the heck would you be able to do in this multiplayer game.

No, bombs and poison clouds will not be dropped from the game. That’s just silly.

Doors are always locked unless you turn off autoclose. Unless you’re talking about locking from your own team but why would you do that? Where in the world are thralls respawning in two minutes? That’d be a great place to farm all kinds of stuff. No where on this game do I know of a place where NPCs respawn that quick. I think the fastest time is 15 min.

Raiding isn’t the problem. It’s the overkill that’s the problem.
I was actually going to post some suggestions today. This video has some great ideas on how to make raiding better.

Personally, I like the offline timer. When your team logs off, a timer begins. After 48 hours of being offline, your base becomes raidable. You can only get raided while you’re online and if you give up the fight mid raid, your base is still vulnerable for 30 mins. After that, you can destroy or loot no more. This is probably my favorite idea.

So, say you’re the only one in your clan on. You decide to put up a fight. You’re losing and to limit the losses, log off. Well, that’s fine and dandy but now your base is unprotected for 30 additional minutes. Thralls and pets are going to die and the building is fully vulnerable.

So here is the video from Shadiversity and personally, I think he’s on the right track.
Check it out

Ha! It was that very video that made me do a quick brainstorm. Glad to know a fellow Shadiversity student.

My brainstorm went along the lines of too much time is invested in castles compared to how quickly they can be destroyed. Leading to unrealistic castle builds to counter.

So, make castles indestructible for everyone including owners except by trebuchets and avatars.

Besides Conan characters should be scaling walls and skulking through hallways to steal. Fight your way in and then fight your way out. Hence my suggestions.

More Conan thinking and less “medieval” thinking.


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You’ve hit the nail on the head. It’s the time it takes to harvest and build vs the ease of destroying the entire base.

I completely DISAGREE with making the structures indestructible. If you want that, then it’s PvE servers that players should be playing on. However, Shad is spot on with the timers and limiting offline raiding. It can be taken a step further by making your thralls stronger and more adept.

A base of 60 - 100 archers and fighters should NEVER be able to be taken out by 6 players. I mean, that’s just not possible. However, right now…it is. Why? Because thralls can’t climb, they don’t run through doors (except when following or returning home) basically, they can’t go after an attacking force. They just stand there and die. Thralls are wall signs that shoot back. They won’t even initiate a defensive attack until a PC hits or attacks another NPC or player. Thralls need a lot of improvement.

You mentioned players should be scaling walls…I agree and they currently can. But most people utilize defensive anti-climb features. That part of the game is fine.

Maybe a partial fix can be as simple as boosting the HP of building pieces. They don’t seem strong enough given the materials used. Stone would not be so easy with bombs. Not reinforced stone brick or any of those T3 pieces. Or maybe bombs really ARE OP? Either way, destruction is not on par for the amount of time to harvest and build.

IMHO, there need to be a few changes.

  • Increase the HP of building pieces. Foundations should easily be 300-500 k for T3. That plus fence foundation should be nearly indestructible.

  • Implement Raid timers - You’re on during time-slotted, you’re raidable. If you log off, you’re raidable for 30 min. After that, your building is PVE. No offline raiding unless clan has been offline for at least 48 hours. Then the gloves are off.

  • For goodness sake - give the thralls some ability to fight other than flat surfaces. Allow them to climb and pursue enemies. Allow them to open/close or at least pass through friendly doors. Allow them to be aggressive or passive so they don’t wait to be killed before attacking someone near the base. Thralls should also be live 24/7. Right now, people can sneak into a base and nothing happens to them because it’s not raid time. NOPE! Thralls are there for defense, not statues.

Adding these changes would definitely make a clan have to play smarter. It would require more planning and strategies to take a base, especially a large base. It would reduce the ability of a clan that comes on for five hours a week to take out a clan that is working 10 hours a day on preparing their base.

Right now, a clan can have one guy on making powder all day, they come on for raid time blow everything up and sign off. All while you’re making dinner. You come back to the game and wake up in the desert and your base is a pile of dust.

THAT is why people stop playing this game and why servers go dead.

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Oh and yes, machicolations would be a great addition to this game.

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