Please nerf how many bombs can be placed at one time

Please nerf those damned bombs on pvp server on how many people can place at one go.
Now people just farm materials make 100 bombs go to a base place 30 to 50 together and boom it blows anything to kingdome come. Suggestion when people use bombs you should be able to defend a bit against it but the way it is now defence is useless against this tactic.
Make it so that max 3 to 5 bombs can go off for damage instead of the invinite number you can use in one blast nowadays it realy ruins the game.

Not whining or crying i can do that too easy but im not someone who raids people when there offline theres no fun in that. i like to battle one on one or group against group but this is no fun anymore all you have to do is grind materials for a bunch of bombs go the the biggest tier 3 castles on your server and blast it to kingdome come . especialy bigger clans they can make 100 bombs a day easy lol

What’s funny about this is we’ve raised using the same method you described and got nowhere because the clan we were attacking just foundation blocked as soon as the fire would go out… guess it’s a matter of perspective. If anything, bombs need to be left alone and the ability to build on damaged buildings needs to be disallowed.

im not talking about orbs not the tar orbs gas orbs and fire orbs im talking about the real bombs that do what 10000 damage each bomb.
you cant foundation block or repair against that one to 5 bombs you should be able to make the fight long and tense but if they can place 5 or more like 10 or 20 and up they blast tier 3 walls away like candy even tier 3 gates with 200k health go down in one blast . i dont think this was the way they ment pvp to be i think

And then again if a server has 1 clan with 8 to 10 people its easy for them to dominate freely becaus clans with 2 , 3 or 4 people can never win from a clan 2 times bigger. thats why this should be nerved but thats just my suggestion

Actually, yes, you can foundation block after bombs. Enemy could place 10 bombs, blow up your foundation or wall, and then you can spam a bunch of foundations in its place.

The word is nerf not nerve. You meant to nerf.

No Nerf. What’s with people wanting to nerf anything that makes them vulnerable? Devs, ignore the OP’s suggestion.

they need to nerf this becaus its pvp player vs player and atm thats totaly not what the game is about if ya ask me they can even remove the bombs from game . And let weapons do more damage on doors and walls and have real player vs player fights then its all about skill and not about oh we are with 10 man 4 take 100 bombs and we raid the crap out of everyone. i totaly miss the player vs player as how the pvp servers are now .
grind make bombs and blow up stuff thats what the game is atm.

I’d say slight damage nerf that would be all. And if Archer thralls were fixed / improved defense would be easier.

The best mechanic I can see to help this is have a place& arming timer make it take 3-5 seconds to place a bomb so you have time to fight. Or I’d the bomb is damaged before it is armed it will not go off

I like to shoot a flame arrow at someone while they place the bomb and have them die to their own trap