Please nerf bombs

Please nerf the bombs… we have one clan in our servers that keeps making them and wiping out bases left and right and of course they are all level 60 and we are trying to coin the xp ladder but it’s frustrating. I hope other people want this cuz it’s so frustrating

WTF? Please stop playing the game if you think this is an issue. That is EXACTLY what this game is. It’s even in the game slogan “Build, Survive & DOMINATE”. This is not Fortnight or Minecraft. It’s Chess with action. Learn to play the game. Don’t change the game to make yourself better.

If your feelings are hurt playing this game, Fortnight and Minecraft is still available.

Why do people insist things get dumbed down to them rather than practice and learn to get better…THAT is was is so frustrating.

When we were new to our server, we built a HUGE base and got attacked (by a former ally). They blew us to smithereens. We regrouped, learned the game better, planned and positioned ourselves…Now they’re the ones on the run from us.

You can do it if you practice. You can’t play the guitar overnight. It takes patience, time and practice. Same here.


edit out, cause someone can’t handle a word…lol


LOL… Well, to an extent I get your point about “while you’re not online” getting attacked. But that doesn’t really matter either. Players can’t hurt your buildings, break into chests or do any harm to secured items, buildings or anything until “raid time”. If you’re not on during raid time, you may have to change the times you play so you can be. That might also only happen by finding a new server where the “Building Damage” is during a time when you can be on.

I will admit, there is one thing that makes finding the best server for you difficult…The servers tell you their in “X” but they don’t tell you the timezone. I found a server where “Building Damage” (We like to call it Raid Time) is from 5pm - 11pm…What we didn’t know was that it is apparently on a West Coast Server so it’s actually 7pm - 1am time. Sooo, defending our proud base can sometimes be IRL tiring. Though, we now have NO worries about being attacked during those times. We have more than enough Thralls and building strength to fight off 99% of attacks. (Man that took a lot of work - but fun)

there is a stretch:).
More like CHEESE with action.
But i do agree, that bombing is not the issue. Stashed vaults from months of dead servers are another issue. But if you are on PVP, expect to get raided, alot. That is the purpose of PVP raid servers. If you just want melee, hit up PVE-C. People usually raid bases they find. The bigger the base, the more visible you are. Small, and effecient if you are not there to be alpha. If you are there to be alpha, then you just have to out grind.

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To be Fair, I personally i’m the person who is in 1st place, and realizes the guy/gal in 2nd is so far behind, I wait up.
Its more fun to me anyway, Same with Souls games, let invader/host heal up.

CoD… not so much, maybe there I’m full on b-word mode…

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So the deal is, we are basically stuck on a bombing cycle. They bomb us, so we in return bomb them. This is in no way a normal strat. I don’t want this to be the cycle and it’s probably not like this on all the servers I just happened to be unlucky and be stuck with this bomberman clan on mine

Rather than fix bombs I want to be able to create traps. Trip wires, mines, SOMETHING … That way I don’t have to have a clan member logged in at the wee hours of the night to prevent our base from getting sacked.

I know Animal and Thrall spam is supposed to technically be the “Away Game” but after a while it gets laggy and tedious. I have been brainstorming about how to counter afk bombing raids without the same old “Build it Deeper, Stack more foundations” garbage.

I want to help keep lag low, not add to it, and STILL keep my base safe from people too chicken to attack my clan head on.

Right now as it is Bombs are the only portable seige tactics. We dont have battering rams, we dont have ladders. Trebuchet are too tedious to build, take too long to make, and have a crap payoff in comparison to quick and easy bombs.

Bombs wouldn’t be the (only) meta if there were effective ways to counter, or alternative ways to sack a base. There is a MMO out there already that has unmanned portable battering rams that work wonderfully. I dont see why Conan doesnt have these.

Meh … still love the game, ill still be playing it for a long time … but jeebus rice! Some of the meta is frustrating right now.


Kinda. If both sides are relatively equal, then it is a battle of attrition. OR at some point they both just stop and focus on someone else, or take a break simultaneously.

Sounds like its time to team up, and have a good ol’ PVP battle, were you both call quits to bombs one day, and meet up somewhere and lolz it, and have some fun. XD

While I don’t remember Conan lore being full of blowing up people with clay jars full of tar and explosive powder (Sorcerers did throw orbs) Bombs are pretty much the main vehicle of destruction within the game, with explosive arrows and gas arrow spamming usually being the counter for crenelation and high up bases without protection bubbles. Nerfing bombs without a viable alternative just hurts the game. I’ve seen some server wars go on for months too so if you’re not about never ending wars with strong clans you might want to change servers or even game modes.

Trebs are more economical. If you think they’re difficult to make, compared to bomb then you’re operations need to revisited. You need better thralls and more benches or something. Neither one of them is difficult to make or move. We set up a treb in a matter of minutes. Launch an attack until we’re out of ammo. Preparation is the key.

Traps? Um, we have traps all over our base and near enemy encampments. They work like land mines. They have to be unlocked.

People need to just stop being so wimpy. I LOVE a dominated server. Gives me a “bad guy” to take down.

It’s not necessarily that they are wimpy. Sometimes something isn’t their style.

Core issue here is that we can’t reflect what type of a fantasy we wish to practise before we already jump into a server.


  • Maybe we should get tags to allow smoother player-driven matchmaking.
  • We tag our favourite fantasies we want to experience and a service provider tags their servers with those they want to deliver.
  • Like the price tags on products that also show lists of the ingredients the products hold.
  • These tags help us navigate to the correct servers.


  • What deviations of PvE / PvP do we wish to experience.
  • What variants of roles do we wish to act out.
  • What situations we wish to stumble upon, et cetera.

This way we have a significantly higher chance to actually keep people happy by giving them exactly what they seek. Currently the supply variety is too low compared to demand. Too simplified.

Ok… Ill ignore the tone of this … However, why don’t i see trebs on PvP servers, everyone should be running around with the mats in thier pockets if this is so feasible and cost effective as opposed to bombs and arrows, which i see EVERYWHERE. I never have once seen them unless I have built them myself. I digress …

As for traps … good to know… ty for the information.

Bombs need a buff if anything. I bet you’ve never tried online raiding a base in the crevice before, right? Online raiding is incredibly hard against t3 structures (without a god) which is why everybody offline raids. But If you have sandstone or even t2, bombs will probably melt your base.

But if alphas are raiding sandstone/t2 bases owned by newer players then that is a purely scum move. If you’re lvl 60 with a sandstone base, i’m cool with raiding you, but I hate when clearly noob sandstone bases get raid because there is literally no point other than wiping a new player. Went a bit off topic, but whatever

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However, even with buffed bombs, the players would still keep raiding offline players for the significant advantage of them being ridden of leadership. I’d wager that buffing bombs could actually make offline raiding a lot easier, though I assume that this isn’t what you meant by buffing bombs to begin with, correct? Just wanted to point out some of the implications.

The breakpoint needs to be scaled closer to offline players first, so the result is that they can jump in and defend themselves faster. Once offline raiding is in an adequate balance, the online raiding can be incentivised further. Hence the following.

A peculiar idea…

What if the raiding party only received loot based on an algorithm that calculates the yield by counting the length of absence, materials at the base, what the base is made from, how experienced the player is, is the target base a clan headquarter, how big is the roster of the clan, et cetera (I’ll add more variables when necessary). Point is to add a layer of tactical and diplomatic value. In the boardgame Warrior Knights each city with a noble presence has their defense force added to the city’s own. If a noble isn’t present, the city only can do so much.

Assimilating the idea and adapting it into a similar approach; each player acts as a quartermaster (leader) of their own garrison (base). If they go offline, they are regarded as absent (even though the character isn’t) and the longer they are away, the less worth the base becomes (material haul is as if gradually transported to safety). Whenever the player returns, the worth returns in an equally gradual pace to the level of potency it was at the beginning of their leave. This affects the crafting pace and item requirements as well in an equal measure (longer absence = higher crafting cost = slower crafting pace). This means that even more would have to be harvested to meet the efficiency quotas.

If another player of the same hierarchy level and access is present, they would act as an appointed substitute quartermaster while they tread on the land of the absentee. This would prolong the effect of the algorithm. At the moment of the absentee’s return, the appointment is withdrawn and their play continues as usual.


Do I think this could be implemented? Possibly. Do I think it’s within reason? I have my doubts. Is this necessary? I think I at least lean toward the necessity. What I do know is that merely buffing or nerfing approach methods isn’t the solution necessarily here, if we consider the situation variables as well. If a method is usable during both online and offline raids, then buffing or nerfing won’t necessarily have any influence in regards to the success rate of online raids versus the offline raids. It merely would make them less or more usable in both.

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While I agree this would be worthwhile, it would take A LOT to implement, so we need to simplify this idea into something more realistic.

For example, maybe buff bombs for online raids, but when a player has been offline for 30 mins-an hour, their building structures become twice as tanky. Maybe there needs to be more to this, but at least it would result in the loss of more resources for offline raiders.

However, if offline raiding is nerfed, then online raiding must be buffed. One change for which I strongly advocate is disabling the placement of structures in a space previously occupied by a building piece that was destroyed by another clan/player.

There was a crevice base my clan raided that we couldn’t get into because they kept spam placing drawbridges at the main entrance once we blew it up. Needless to say, we offline raided and completely wiped them after that cheese garbage they did. Online raiding is much too difficult because you can replace things that blow up the moment they are destroyed, which is part of the reason why people offline raid so often.

As a delay or a shuffle variable, I would also include some sort of a pure diplomacy feature. To compete with interest that is. Instead of raiding, one could turn their focus on something that raiding doesn’t offer (or maybe does, but in the other direction or there where they already are). This would allow any potential tactical target to have a hypotethically extended preparation window for standing their ground (or to escape). The more we are occupied in one thing, the higher the risk to adapt a weakness of timing from others could become.

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You’re not on a strong serve then. We use trebs all the time. In fact, we’re going to use them tonight (if everyone comes on as planned) We’re also going to use bombs and traps in the event they try to come out after us.


And yes, it is because so many young players are wimpy. This generation of gamer is the reason the phrase, “rage quit” exists. Rather than getting up, dusting themselves off and finding another plan of attack, they immediately go to the devs and say the game is broken or sucks because I can’t beat these (players, obstacles, riddles, etc). The immature players of today want everything to be “fair”. It’s not fair and it shouldn’t be. The only fair part of this game is that EVERYTHING these other players learned and can build, YOU have the ability to do it too. The issue is that too many are too lazy to do what others before them have done. Life is not fair and neither is a realm where anything and everything is out to kill you.

Bombs don’t need to be nerfed. You need to learn how to play. Period.