Brand New to Conan - I mean completely new and scratching my head on this game

Only just downloaded yesterday as i like survival style games. I am finding single player a bit glitchy to create items and slow with mouse clicking even fighting at times i freeze up. My computer is fine maybe they stun you when you get hit I am not sure.

Anyhow I have no idea on this game still trying to work out first objectives when getting in. I know how to feed, water & cloth myself. I attempted to build a shelter however the ground is not level and i get shrubs through the ground or i cant move the sand. So i am stuck after that what am i suppose to do in this game.

EIther I need player assistance or video references. I love the graphics in this game and would like to continue playing but not sure my next direction.


Well first off, I don’t play on PC so I don’t have knowledge in that field.
But secondly, if grass or anything glitches through foundations, build another one on top. That’s the only way I know.


It really depends on the Server type you are playing: PvP or PVE
The ‘official’ Goal is finding a way to remove the bracelet and escaping the exiled lands.
To do that you have to explore the whole map, Level your character to build better Equipment etc.

For specific Questions I recommend the official wiki


I play on PC and have been for over 8 months now.

  1. If you are playing Solo Do NOT join a server. Just play as solo player using your own PC as the server.
  2. Look at the Graphics level in the game Setup. You might need to go lower on the level. I had bottle necking on my pc when I first started because My Graphics card was better then my cpu. I updated my cpu so I could play high graphic mode.
  3. The lagging mouse problem. I also had this AFTER I installed a “Gaming Mouse and Keyboard” to which I enable it to connect with Conan. Once I disable the “Gaming equipment” from Conan my game ran much better. “Gaming Mouse” has buggy issues.
  4. Building, All building Blocks are height adjustable. Holding the Shift key (I think - not playing right now) and using mouse scroll button. When I am building a base I look around and decide how big I want to go, then I look at the highest ground level and place my first building block there (above the grass if required)(also mine all resources from the building area)(if is only the default game decor that will stick up through your base floor), that way all of the floor will be level with no rock, sand or grass showing through.
  5. Remember that your base has a large foot print. This is call “Land Claim” which is about 7 building blocks default. It can be changed only by editing the INI file. So your Land Claim will affect the spawning decor and resources around your building. So don’t build right next to a iron pile thinking that you can mine it at your door, you cannot it just will not re-spawn.
  6. Playing on your own PC has many benefits as you can adjust the setting. One to adjust is the graphic grass setting. Turn it down from High to low. It is very had to see Mushrooms in the high grass.
  7. Hoard every thing that you get, it will mean that in the beginning you will need a lot of basic wooded boxes.
  8. To level up quickly … Explore and find New Places. One that is normally missed by many players is Find All of the Highways. You know the one you come in on. There are about 6 of them.
  9. You will die often so always have a bed roll in a hot key slot. If you see something dangerous Drop down a Bed Roll.
  10. You will become “Over Burdened” all the time. So build a camp fire and place items in it and not that location on the map. You can place a lot of Location Markers on the map. I often place a standing torch with my camp fire so I can see it.
  11. Don’t use all of you Feat Points on getting Decor stuff. Just get what you need to play with the pretties.
  12. Look at the Attributes and choose carefully. I like going for the level 2 on Damage and Carry more stuff.
  13. If you find a better piece of Armor “Try is on” and then only use it when you need to. Don’t let it expire because you can give it to a Thrall and then it will NOT expire on them (though it will on you via Battle damage)
  14. If a “Sand Storm” is coming then Drop a Bed Roll as you will die in the beginning. How can you tell if a Sand Storm is coming. If graphics a set to high you will see small shadows flying across the ground. This is flying debris from the front of the storm. So find Shelter (very hard), lay out a bed roll and meet your maker .
    Hope this helps a bit.

Well so far I have started my little hut, which was easier than I thought. Managed to feed and find water easily.

I navigated around easily with the animals. Okay the cute laughing puppies didnt like playing nice and tend to gather in packs, so i realised either sword or long lance spiked thing does the trick. But leant that the hard way thou.
I love the fact I can climb up the rocks, awesome… However aint navigated my down them just yet and i am still one step short of breaking my purty lil neck doing that.

havent put the roof on my building yet but dont really have to rush my first temp place is under a bridge…LOL

right i found the greg or dreg area quickly and okay they are a bit slow on killing me, i gto right into the main area before i cornered and killed…but i knew it was a one way mission…WOOT I so rock so far…lol

OKay i killed one dude and got boots from him so i immediately wore those.

Okay in your house i know you can eventually put slaves to work. But what machines, tools or quipment are essential for any house? Even if its an alter, i really would like to know what I am looing at for a base house.

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Since this is a complex matter:wink:
check out some guides. There is also a wiki.
I learned here:


I would also suggest not “spoiling” yourself by looking up too much stuff online.

While it’s certainly tempting to “jump ahead”, the game never gets better (IMO) than that first playthrough where everything is new and dangerous, and you’re learning as you go along, sometimes barely surviving. Time enough to get old and jaded like the rest of us afterwards :wink:


@RobRoy101 has some good advice, and there’s a few points I’d like to provide my own thoughts on as well.

On your first play-thru, you’ll get a much more immersive sense of the world by playing offline or on a small, private server with friends who (like @Mikey suggests) abstain from hitting up the wiki too much. After that though, there’s a lot to of building tips and other wisdom to be learned if you’re able to join a welcoming server. Just be aware that there’s no spoiler warnings on public servers, so some of that awe will be lost. :wink:

FWIW, a lot of folks who play primarily on servers will use single-player offline to test out their builds using admin mode plus the Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F10 command (no-cost building). So really, there’s room for both online and offline play depending on what you want.

After each patch, I have to open the DefaultInput.ini file and set bEnableMouseSmoothing=False to correct this problem. You’ll find that file in the following folder:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Config\DefaultInput.ini

I feel like this was nerfed at some point, because I hardly seem to get any XP from exploration when I restart these days. IME, the fastest XP comes from completing the Journey Steps, but if it’s your first play-thru, then I’d advise taking it slow and enjoying yourself like @Shadoza recommends. This will also be true if/when you join a server: you learn the game’s intricacies more fully when you have to work within the limits of your current level.

Another option is to quickly build an impromptu shelter. I’ve found that laying down a single foundation with some stairs over it and then crouching under the stairs provides just enough shelter to survive.

As for a few points of my own…

  1. Experiment! Try different weapons to see which combos fit your playstyle and are fun for you. You may even find that you enjoy switching between weapons to stack debuffs and damage-over-time effects.

  2. Don’t be afraid to respec. Once you reach level 15, you’ll be able to build a particular workstation from which potions and such can be made. One of these will allow you to completely reset your character’s feat and attribute selections. Therefore, you can swap attributes around to see what build you like, deselect old weapon feats you no longer need, or temporarily unlock all the decor you could ever want to outfit your home.

  3. Fighter thralls are your friends. Thrall-taking for both crafters, entertainers, and defenders is a major part of the game. High-tier crafters can make better versions of weapons and armor for the race they belong to, and high-tier fighters will have more HP and hit harder than their wimpier brethren. Also, the further north you go, the stronger the NPCs become, and the stronger fighters they make.

Since you can outfit fighters, entertainers, archers with gear of their own, try giving a fighter a truncheon, and letting them have at an enemy NPC that’s too difficult for you to knock out yourself. Then once that NPC is your thrall, take them along to get an even stronger fighter, etc. Incidentally, you’ll need to unlock the Wheel of Pain feats on the Survival tab to make truncheons, wheels, etc.


ahh the memories
i wish someone had mentioned that when i first started…
(besides the vague cutscene)


For this, you’ll need to make sure both your jump and crouch keys are easily accessible while you’re WASDing around the world. Basically, when you jump off a cliff, you’ll air-control yourself back up against it and then use jump to grab on again to arrest your fall. You’ll then keep alternating crouch (to release) with jump until you’ve slid all the way down.


I have found the full shelter icon (on PS4) tends to come up if you get enough over hang on you. Shelter to the game is not walls, but ceilings.


Gotta second the idea of staying away from videos if you are that fresh to the game. I’m strictly single player Pc now on about my 5th restart. I understand the lack of explanation on some things can be frustrating at times but the self discovery in this game was easily the best part. Now I just add my own challenges or rules each time for a different approach.


Be careful with this potion, though, once made it deteriorates really fast and should be taken immediately after production.
The first three I made vanished before I found out what was happening :wink:


Also there are a lot of recipes you can find throughout the Exiles lands some are easily found others not so easy you will need to watch YouTube videos or look up the wiki for info on the location on these hard to find recipes

This is really important to get the most of the game. I go to Wiki when something doesn’t make any sense, or remembering craft recipes incorrectly.

The discovery on the first playthrough is amazing, but even us old and jaded players keep discovering new things as Funcom keeps adding little surprises. I just discovered some new content (to me) that has apparently been around for quite some time.


I cannot stress enough that the discovery of how to do things has been such an enjoyable aspect of this game. A common utterance in my server discord is, " No spoilers!" And we aren’t even talking about story elements most of the time. Learning how to make things or different ways to get particular ingredients organically has been such a pleasure in Conan.

Trial of many errors is my preferred way of figuring out the game.

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I found things on my second playthrough that I did not notice on the first one, like the abandoned camp near the Darfari capital (Summoning Place). In this camp journals can be found that explain how the Imps came to be…
You just have to look at ALL things and places :wink:


I…actually don’t know about this. And on my private server, our base was literally around the corner from there; we farmed the hell out of that place. Clearly I haven’t looked around quite enough!

I found that one on my third playthrough. Amazing how many little gems are out there.

It is on the northern part of the mountains that frame the Summoning Place. Stand near the Sinkhole Obelisk and look towards the Summoning Place. Climb the side of the mountain that faces you and look around.