Possibly new player,few questions

Hi,i am about to buy Conan exiles this weekend, and i have few questions. First,nudity,i plan to create a male char,this means that if i do not have cloths, i get my d*ck in the air? Later,Gods, i plan to be a Mitra follower but i want to know how many Gods have the game. Later,races, i plan to be a zingarian, it is possible to be zingarian and be a follower of Mitra? Finally,weapons, i plan to be a type barbarian guy,there are two handed weapons? How much time can pass till i get my first two handed weapon? Also those weapons have durability and broke after a time of use? More also,they implement magic such as white fire wind earth water and black magic? I played age of Conan on PC,played healer and a barb.That is why i question this.

Hopefully someone answer ALL my questions.

Yes. You can set nudity to partial to cover the lower region if you wish.

Yes. You can unlock all religions with any race.
Derketo, Set, Ymir, Yog, Mitra, Crom. Six gods.

10-20 minutes. The first one is level 8.

Yes. Easy to repair though.

All I know is that they plan to eventually add sorcery. I don’t know any specifics.

Ok thanks. One last question, there are bonuses to evasion,damage resistance,if i wear medium armor like happens to barbs in Age of Conan?

There’s light, medium and heavy armor. Light having the lowest damage resistance, heavy having the highest.

Wearing heavier armors affects your dodge roll. You can dodge the furthest with light, medium dodge is still good but wearing heavy armor you will only do a short hop when dodging.

Otherwise there is no evasion stat.

There is also climbing in this game. Heavier armors affects your climbing ability (how fast stamina drains).

Ok thanks for resolve my questons.

No problem. Enjoy.

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