DLC disappointment

Don’t get me wrong, I like the DLC’s so far. I just wish each of them had included a set of “civilian” clothing. See, I like to populate my castle with tier 1 and 2 fighters/Archers to fill out the population. I don’t count on them to be my castle defenders, but I like to have them around to give the look of a full castle. To act as merchants and servants and the like. However, there really isn’t any civilian looking clothes, outside of the coarse armor and the Mitraen outfits. There are a couple others, but they don’t really fit with my decor. And outside of changing the colors, my options are really limited, especially with the look of things.

What do you think?


I’m also not a huge fan of the pet skins. Like the placeables so much more.

But, for the record, I am fine with the number of DLCs. I just wish there was more consistency as to when they are released. Treasures of Turan was released in mid April, and hear we are at the end of July, and I have seen an update yet. The Season 1 DLC packs were released about 2 months apart (and less in the case of the Imperial East and Jewel of the West packs release dates).

I wish they would offer more based on what already brings, tier 1, 2 and 3 with some different looks to identify and still fitting the culture, include hardened steel as an option besides iron&star metal to craft the weapons, pet skins (although this being no relevant at all, it can be good once you have too many animals) having a visual difference on normal to greater version would help to know who is who, as armors do for humans.

Edit: to complement since its a dlc talk, I believe that if we could somehow change the attribute points to another that would still fit the looks i.e: Khitan Mercenary being Grit to Accuracy or Agi, Turanian Scout being Survival to Accuracy or Strengh and so on, we already have speculations about being possible to change the temperature on the armor piece in a possible future patch, having more options of attributes to armors would make them all be more seen in the world, it would indeed brake a bit of the uniqueness on the armors and demand more analysis and attention from the player on pvp environment, but on the pros side I guess it worths.

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