Feedback - Seekers of the Dawn

So I am all about decoration.

When the pict DLC was out, it was okay due to the introduction of the pets for decorations being missing.
It was “bad” but more or less okay.

Why are there no more decoration pieces?
IMO the main reasons of the DLCs are different armor coming with different stats, slowly covering each armortype+resistance+attribute combo, new building stuff and most importantly (as I tend to run around in encumbrance gear anyway) new decoration pieces to go wild with these!

But now?
Building looks at least a little similar to khitan and armor does so too.
Sure, there are new pet skins - but there are people who simply dont use any companion. (I dislike dragging a pointer with me.)
At least katana decorations or similar could have been added. Or decorative armors. Heck, even all the armor which gets introduced with each DLC might be a decoration itself!
A few lights, a few statues or similar on top and one only needs a few additional decorations for the package.


I don’t think there be much difference between kithan and yamatai building styles, since they are neighbours sort of, you’d expect a certain influence and mix of styles in building as well as dressing, decoration, armors and weapons. I would have pushed a different culture dlc before this one, and push yamatai a bit further on the dlc road. Anyway, new content is more than welcome!. Good job from artists and whole team!.


I agree with what you’ve said here. It’s definitely a welcomed DLC, but maybe should’ve have come in last, while the more unique stuff should’ve taken the forefront until then. I will say that the armor and weaponry is quite different, and the buildings, while similar, have a lot of differences as well.

I really would’ve liked to have decor though, but the pet skins are pretty dope. Just not my thing.

I agree with this. But I can (and will) just hold off on buying it, so no harm done :slight_smile:


Personally I’m pretty jazzed for this one, since I’m a huge sucker for traditional East Asian art, architecture, and clothing styles so I’ll gobble up anything that gives me more options for those.

Still though, I haven’t had a chance to check out the DLC in game yet, but yeah the lack of home decor options is a pretty big letdown for me. Like, I could kinda see for the Pict set even though the rest of their stuff didn’t fit with the logic behind it (come on, you cannot look at the armor and weapons in there and tell me they were not made by an artistic people), but this set is based on Japan. I’ve been to Japan. I saw a lot of art there that one could use as a basis for some really cool decor items.

That aside though, I’m still really looking forward to getting in there and playing around with this stuff.


Agreed, the lack of decor is the biggest let down, the reasoning behind the Pict DLC was that they didn’t care for decorations, and were more focused on their pets and primal side. Totally bought that reasoning.

This one doesn’t make as much sense.

Would trade all the pet skins for a few decor pieces. But armors and building pieces look awsome, cant wait to build later. That said, i want me some nordheimer/vanir dlc next to tame my viking thirst.


Totally, and it’s honestly still well worth the price point. That’s a lot of artwork, and art takes a lot of time to make, so many people don’t realize this or care, which is a shame.

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It looks good! I think they are making good choices with their DLC, and have built up quite a variety. Aquilonian, Khitan, Pict, Yamatai… I’m looking forward to some of the other more ‘essential’ Conan cultures, like Hyperborean or Shemite packs.

I do like how the Yamatai pack was developed alongside a new weapon type. I’d love to see, say, a Zingaran DLC accompany some new game feature such as boats.

I also think that they should consider Tier-2 building skin packs. Being able to build stonebrick, or insulated wood walls in a different appearance would be cool — I do find myself building some Tier-2 despite being later on in the game.


I got really frustrated with this no decoration at all thing, the new armors and build blocks looks and fell nice, but that’s it, i was hoping for more decor stuff… that’s a bummer. Should not have bought so fast and waited a promo, unfortunately, this dlc are no good enough like the first two.

what are the stats for the armors?

What Kind of protection offers the new building style? Heat or cold protection?

I don’t think I will buy any more DLC packs if they don’t add decorations they were my favourite parts after the armours. I didn’t really believe it for the picts, even primitive peoples can have basic tribal decorations, I REALLY don’t believe it for these guys


I can’t say for the building pieces, but the armor sets seem to provide cold protection.

I was hoping for heat protection, honestly. That would have made a lot more sense to me, seeing as I was walking around Japan in a t-shirt and still sweating in October.

Armor has heat protection. So I hope the Buildings too (will test it later).

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Im really disappointed with this DLC…

Funcom should have focused on something new this time. This is the 4th culture DLC that mainly offers the same thing. Light armor, Medium armor, Heavy armor, T3 structures (why cant we have a T1 or T2 tiers? I was honestly expecting the Pict to be lower tier…) , new weapons that have similar usability… it already feels repetitive now.

Maybe its time to offer a wilder variety of random elements in smaller DLCs (but cheaper of course). For example:

  1. “Nemedian Library pack” a DLC with a bunch scrolls, bookshelfs, candles, chairs, etc… all themed for a librarian.

  2. “Shemite explorer pack” a DLC with a bunch new tents and some kitchen objects, along a nice Shemite themed medium armor.

  3. Something I’d love to see are DLC about lore characters, like “Valeria the Pirate”, it could be a DLC with a new cutlass/dagger recipes, hairstyle, voice pack (why not?) and some iconic clothing/armor said character mostly wears in the comics.

So many possibilities, people want something new… these culture packs feels old, “more of the same”. Nothing new there… Im sorry, but Im skipping this one.


PopTart approves

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I bought it. Love this game. Lack of decor is sad. But I’m curious. I’m tired of jade dragons. Wish I could give my existing tigers a new look.

Also …DLC for new hairstyles and changes.

More decore please


Maybe I have been overreacting. I dont know.
I guess I am just greedy when it comes to decorations and having different styles.
However one cannot disagree on the first two DLCs having covered a whole lot more than pict and yamatai.
I guess I just took the massive amount of decorations as granted.

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Huh, so they do.